Hey, it’s your weekly helping of baseball GIFs. We’re running a little bit late today, but this bout with tardiness allowed us to stumble upon this dandy animated mashup image of A-Rod going full Mr. McMahon.


Jake Marisnick makes Blue Jays fans sad

Kneel before Iglesias

S-Marte baseball

Matt hugs Zack Wheeler and the world collapses from too much man

Life-buckling little league curveball

Via MLB Fan Cave

Yasiel Puig how he do

Via True Blue LA

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  1. I could watch that Puig throw all day. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Yeesh… Can’t believe how quickly he unleashed that cannon based on how he grabbed the ball with his back to the play.

    • How did he not get paid more? I know he got something like 6 years $42M and that seems like a bargain now.

  2. That Jose Iglesias kid is just waaay too flashy. Skip will take care of that.

  3. Check out the pitch framing by the little league puerto rican catcher!

    He really wanted that curve ball called a strike!

    Body perfectly still – held the pitch right there to give the ump a look…Lucroyesque.

  4. Exception? Where it at?

  5. Weird walk-up dance by that kid: http://i.minus.com/isk7plagCfEab.gif

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