The latest Flip Flop Fly Ball infographic from Craig Robinson peers deep into our collective unconscious and reveals…loathing. What do people search for when they Google search their favorite (or least favorite) baseball players? The results might shock you! (But probably not, unfortunately.) Enjoy!


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  1. “Mark Melancon is a murderer?”

  2. Craig Robinson is:
    -not funny
    -michelle obama brother
    -the oregon state coach

    Quite the impressive resume you have there.

    • To be fair, he’s really good in The Office.

      And I’m sure he’s fucking never heard that joke before.

  3. Derek Jeter IS a biracial angel.

  4. “Prince Fielder is fat”
    “Prince Fielder is so fat”

  5. JP Arencibia is:
    - terrible
    - hot
    - it friday yet

  6. Please tell me that Hunter Pence was the player the turned up:

    “[Player's Name] is an alien”

  7. Shouldn’t it be Married/Is he Married?

  8. “is not a superstar” has to be one of the hardest-hitting insults I’ve ever seen.

  9. Apparently “Gordon Beckham does Jake Peavy”

  10. Seems the right place to put this.

    Am I the only one who saw this and thought “Hey, Craig Robinson has a kickstarter” only to discover it’s another dude kinda biting his style.

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