2012 NLDS Game 1: Cincinnati Reds v. San Francisco Giants

While the podcast count will not reset (I’m a total size queen), today marks a new and improved rebirth for the Getting Blanked podcast. As detailed in the introduction, the daily fireside chats with Lewis, Stoeten, and Parkes will return from time to time but from now on the Getting Blanked podcast will be a weekly affair similar to what you hear today. Talking with guests and “experts” in the “field” about baseball stuff. The future plan is also to make the post accompanying the ‘cast a little more substantial, pivoting off some of the topics discussed during the show.

The “stuff” will change from time to time but, for today, we speak with two guests. Ted Berg of USA Today’s For The Win is a long-time friend of Getting Blanked and we talk about the end of Derek Jeter, the future of the Mets and the American League playoff race.

Then C.Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer joins me to talk about the Reds (who are very good) and the National League playoff chase (which is also really good.)

Listen to the podcast directly here.

All the other stuff is still true. You can (and should!) still subscribe to Getting Blanked on iTunes. Or hook up the RSS feed here if that is more your style.

Some of the music was still provided by The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records and Deathwish Records. For that we remain very grateful. Check out the full catologue and buy what you like. It’s the right thing to do.

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  1. Back by popular demannnd

  2. I will take weekly over never.

    • Ya..it just seems like a few weeks ago right after the AS break they were excited to announce that they would be recording one daily for the remainder of the season. Well that lasted a few weeks and then BAM…GREEN EGSS AND HAM, a semi regular tuesday/thursday/monday/wed. once a week show.

      Keep up the great work guys…for reals.

  3. The show sounds so great with the new studio, would be nice if the call in guest’s audio could be cleaned up

  4. just like old times with guests!

  5. Hey, don’t knock athletes in bike shorts.

  6. I want daily! Appease me!

  7. I like the idea for the new format. The Backhand Shelf podcast seems to be going in a similar direction too. I rather enjoyed the first new format B-Shelf podcast this week.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    - A baseball-content-starved expat in southeast Asia

  8. The formats ok but I probably prefer the old one to be honest.

    If it’s only one a week from now on, is it not possible to have a slightly longer show where half is just the old school roundtable in-studio thing and the other half is Drew talking to someone on the phone, skype whatever.

  9. I like the format, but it could use some tweaks. Talking to guests is fun, and I appreciate
    other informed opinons from bloggers & beat guys, but there just wasn’t enough of “this guy fucking sucks” or “that guy is the fucking worst.”

  10. Idunno. It’s just one episode, and it’s not bad, but it sounds a whole lot like any number of other quality baseball podcasts out there. And whatever you want to say about the “old podcast”, you wouldn’t say that previous sentence I just typed right up there immediately before commencing the one I’m concluding…. now.

  11. This was a really good listen, and I’m going to continue listening to the grown-up edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast. That said, I’m really going to miss the old format. I’ll miss hearing informed opinions from people who talk about players and teams the way that I do with friends, saying things like “the Yankees are dogshit,” or “Josh Hamilton is a shitbag.” I’ll also really miss the recurring segments like Prop/Hate and He’s Just Not That Good Anymore.

    That said, I really enjoy the work you guys do, and I’ll continue listening either way.

  12. I’m with most of these other people. I love Getting Blanked (blog and pod) and I’m happy to see it continue on whatever regular basis it does (hey, it’s free entertainment) but I prefer the old style of 2/3/4 hipster dicks making fun of jockish Christians and their inability to hit little tiny white balls over fences. But as long as you guys make stuff, I’ll consume it.

    This ep was great though, sans C. Trent’s inability to converse, rather than speak in monologue.

  13. Stoeten & Drew are the two best Score bloggers so they should do the show together especially if it’s only once a week. Maybe Stoeten could get an unpaid intern to mail in his DJF game threats for him so that he has some time to do the podcast weekly.

  14. I’m with the seeming consensus. I don’t know what decisions went into changing the podcast because I don’t have that info, so maybe the older podcast model wasn’t a viable long-term product for the Score, but I’d almost always rather have some folk with a good rapport shooting the shit over what’s now the Baseball Tonight model as well. Sportswriters and beat writers are fine enough interviews, but it’s not really the same in terms of tone, attitude, and entertainment. Whatever the larger brand considerations, I’d have to think that GB/DJF/BShelf’s irreverence and banter as a podcast style had to have some advantages that made the Score podcasts stand out in the market.

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