Think-piece might be a little aggrandizing. Simply put, here’s what I think: Jose Fernandez is the best. Just the best.

The above video lays out all the drama from last night’s Marlins/Braves battle for the code and the holy way of baseball. Not as cut and dried as “the Braves didn’t like the way Jose Fernandez admired his home run”, which is how the story is often relayed on first telling.

When Evan Gattis gave his long sixth inning home run a good look, he got the Marlins’ rookie’s attention. Chris Johnson — who joined the Braves from the Diamondbacks so both “loathsome” and “insufferable” are deeply imprinted on his baseball DNA — informing the likely NL Rookie of the Year that he offered a “horseshit fastball” kept it.

It was Johnson’s unsolicited bit of pitching advice that set Fernandez off in the dugout and set a thousand keyboard warriors white-knighting for the good of the game. The game which is quite capable of policing itself, it seems.

As nice Jose Fernandez’s mea culpa sounds in this situation, aren’t the Braves and Chris Johnson just as guilty here? Gattis staring at his home run when down four runs is just as bad, isn’t it? Chris Johnson chirping one of the three best pitchers in the league for no apparent reason escapes is all part of the code? Jose’s the jerk here? Oh.

(As an aside: don’t think Johnson running in from third base to join the fracas only to use the home plate umpire as his fullback went unnoticed.)

“These things” have a way of working their way out, it’s true. The culture of baseball seems determined to round off the edges of all players who don’t fall in line with the Establish Order of Things – arbitrary as it might be. To say that Fernandez’s actions could “get someone hurt” is so dumb that I’m now the one who is hurt, struck down by a broken brain. The only recourse is throwing a baseball at someone? Come on.

Jose Fernandez is really REALLY good. He’ll have more than his chance to shut the Braves up in the future just as he did last night – with his right arm. The machismo tide might turn one day, as young players recognize that having fun on the field is in everybody’s best interests. Taking every slight, real or perceived, to heart is not a healthy way to go through life.

So let Gattis pimp and stare and let Johnson chirp and let a pitcher finishing a record-setting rookie campaign bark and revel in his first big league home run coming in a game with an edge to it, let him him enjoy the moment. I know everybody watching at home enjoyed it. May we all enjoy Jose Fernandez for many years to come. Because he’s the best, you see.

And the rest

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Yup, going to need this in my life as soon as possible. Of course they tested this app at AT&T Park. Of course.

Google Glass started making its way into the eager hands of developers and well-connected nerds at the end April. The first demo videos started showing up on sites like Mashable around April 30th and May 1st.

Brandon Belt since May 1st: .294/.370/.501 with 13 home runs in more than 400 plate appearances. THE MATH CHECKS OUT.

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  1. Man, fuck the Braves. That was bullshit.

  2. I hate the Barves. That was total bullshit. A rookie pitcher hits his first homerun, who wouldn’t want to admire it (especially when it was a total bomb)?

    Also, I can’t believe that was his first homerun because that was an elite level batflip.

  3. Am I turning into an old fart because I think everything about Google Glass is sad and horrific?

  4. You are about as annoying as Stoeten. Have you guys actually ever played baseball, or do you sit in your squalid bachelor apartments on the Danforth all day and drink cheap beer and talk about your hipster hats?

  5. Jose Fernandez the best.

  6. fuck chris Johnson. what a clown

  7. Chris Johnson seems like a real bitch.

  8. Jose Fernandez is the best, but to be fair it sure does look like he deliberately spits right on third base as he’s rounding. I say props on the batflip but the spit is bush league.

  9. Fernandez doesn’t play the game the white way..

  10. I love how Johnson comes running so fast and then gets behind the ump when he starts to chirp. “Hold me back! Hold me back!”

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