The latest from Craig Robinson takes a good look at the MVP and Cy Young races – how often does WAR predict the winners? Enjoy!


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  1. Amazing.

    How did Jon Garland have a year with 4.61 WAR?

  2. This graphic was twice as large as it needed to be because of Justin Morneau.

  3. How did Miguel Tejada win? AROD was the Silver Slugger for the same position and also played better defense by dWAR. Anddddd, as I’m writing this I just remembered PLAYOOFFFFSS.

    To quote a Fan590 caller this week, “a .275 hitter on a non-playoff team is NOT the same as a .275 hitter on a playoff team.”

  4. 1. What drugs were the voters even on in 2006?

    2. I would like to see the 1992 AL MVP edition.

  5. Howard and Rollins, two of the most undeserving MVPs ever, in back to back years, on the same team.

    Yeah I’m a Mets fan, what’s your point?

    • What’s funny is that Chase Utley was more valuable than both of them in those two years.

  6. Penny Lane/Strawberry Field Forever wasn’t a number 1?!? I don’t want to be part of this world anymore

  7. Thanks Craig! I was just wondering this very question this morning.

  8. How come in 2000, Pedro had an 11.73 WAR season based on MVP and ONLY a 11.72 in Cy Young scoring?

  9. I love these graphs good job. Craig’s book is pretty sweet too.

  10. ew, baseball-reference WAR.

    Pedro Martinez was easily the best pitcher in the AL in 2002

  11. Can someone explain to me how Chien Ming Wang had more BR WAR than Halladay in 2006? He threw for fewer innings, gave up more hits and runs, had more walks and fewer strikeouts. Yet Wang was worth almost a full win more. Weird.

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