Ed – What if baseball adopted the idea of “the Golden Goal” from tournament soccer – first to score, wins. A fun thought experiment from the king of baseball thought experiments, Craig Robinson. Enjoy!


As Craig notes at the end of this graphic, this marks his final contribution to Getting Blanked. We are very proud to have featured Craig’s work over the years. Make sure you follow him on twitter and check out his website and books.

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  1. Thanks for all the great content over the past while!

    Take care Craig, all the best!

  2. thanks for your continued good work.

    hopefully thescore.com can start making some money and grow their blogs instead of what seems to be a slow death.

  3. The Jays got closer to .500!

    Take care, Party on.

  4. The interesting thing to me is how much the Astros, Cubs and Braves seasons’ would have been different experiences for their fans.

  5. Man this is a shame to lose you here Craig. I got your book for Christmas last year and loved it. Wish you continued success.

  6. Bummed to hear this is your last post. All the best in your future endeavors, Craig!

  7. Thank you all.

    Yes, JP, that was interesting. While this isn’t over scientific, more a fun thing, it does show that some teams (Barves, Rangers, for example) came back from losing quite a lot, and others (Astros, Cubs) didn’t hold on to a lot of leads they had.

  8. Thank you for the terrific work!
    Will follow you at http://flipflopflyball.com

  9. Thanks so much, Craig. I’ll be keeping up with your work on flipflopflyball, and I really enjoyed your work with Getting Blanked.

  10. I will truly miss these. Terrific work. I’ll have to look for you elsewhere. This makes me think that if the Astros and Cubbies had a bullpen then the world might be a remarkably different place.

  11. Something’s not clear here. Is it “like extra innings” or is the game won “as soon as the 0–0 tie is broken”? If you really mean the first team to score a run, period, then the game could be over after the first pitch (they would almost surely change it so that the home team batted first). If you really mean like extra innings, then the home team has the chance to tie it up and extend the game or take the lead to win it outright. So which scenario do these statistics represent?

  12. Uh, I don’t know how to say this, but you got some stuff wrong on this. First off, I’m a Mariners fan, and I know they didn’t finish 82-80. You swapped the Mariners’ and Rangers’ names in the rankings.

    Secondly, even though it’s a new thing, I never heard of a 66-win team getting to the playoffs. The Cubs’ win and loss totals are swapped.

    And finally, no such team exists called the Didgers, and they didn’t play on July 28. However, if I had to guess, they’re a team from Sydney, and way back in the 1900s they used to be called the Didgeridoos.

    I’ve been reading for a long time and just thought you would’ve picked up on this. Keep up the good work.

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