It was a very busy week for Brandiose, the San Diego-based design agency was responsible for the design and development of three new Minor League Baseball team identities. New logos, new uniforms, new colours, and in one case a whole new team, all of which were unveiled over the past seven days.

The Tuscan Padres of the Pacific Coast League (Triple-A, San Diego Padres) relocated to El Paso, Texas for the 2014 season and last Tuesday the team unveiled their new name and logos. The El Paso Chihuahuas was picked as the new moniker, beating out finalists such as the Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Desert Gators, and Sun Dogs. Chihuahuas was said to be chosen because the owner of the club wanted to “first and foremost appeal to children and families” while also “representing El Paso’s spirit and fiercely-loyal community”.

While the name does certainly appeal to families and children; adults (who typically spend money on baseball teams) aren’t too happy. A petition has circulated ’round demanding the team change their nickname and to allow fans to have the final say on what they will be called (good luck with that!).

“El Pasoans have shown numerous reasons as to why we oppose this name, ranging from ‘non-intimidating’ and ‘stereotypically offensive’ to downright ‘ugly’”, reads the petition.

Whether you agree with them or not, the petition is closing in on 10,000 signatures, which is damn impressive for something like the nickname of a minor league baseball team.

As for the logos, for the name the guys at Brandiose were handed you have to admit they did a great job. The primary mark features a snarling chihuahua wearing a spiked red collar, alternate marks include crossed dog bones framing a baseball, a stylized “EP” for “El Paso” and my favourite, a tribute to their big league club in San Diego. Instead of the Swingin’ Friar, you got the Swingin’ Chihuahua using a dog bone as a baseball bat. Genuis.

Uniforms for the Chihuahuas are expected to be unveiled in the next few weeks, all we know at this point is that the club will have five different caps, one red and the rest black.

Sticking at the Triple-A level but over in the International League, the Charlotte Knights, the top affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, also unveiled an entirely new Brandiose-designed identity this week when they introduced their new logos and colour scheme on Thursday. The Knights had used purple and green as their colour scheme since the early 1990s, starting in 2014 it’ll be black, gold, and silver; “the colours of royalty”, explained the club.

The Knights new primary mark features the head of a knight (appropriately enough) wearing silver armour, flowing around his head is a golden cape positioned in the shape of a C for Charlotte. “Knights” is written below in an olde-english style font with a crown on the “H” and the “T” in the shape of a cross. The team says their inspiration for the new wordmark was the old Charlotte Hornets minor league baseball team who played in the Queen City from 1901-71.

A whole host of alternate logos and caps were also introduced along with the new primary mark, one features a knight on horseback, both decked out in full armour wielding a sword with a cape flying in the wind; another a dragon impaled by a sword to form the shape of the letter “K”.  Cool.

Wrapping up Brandiose’s busy week down one level is the new look of the Texas League’s Arkansas Travelers (Double-A, LA Angels).

The Travelers were in need of a new look in a bad way, their previous primary logo while very unique, just… didn’t work anymore. A flying “A” with a blue swoosh behind it and a slogan overhead, yes, a slogan on a logo in 2013. Most fans of good design didn’t appreciate the “Greatest Game on Dirt” logo which the Travs used as their primary for the past two decades, rating it an embarrassingly low 3.3 out of 10 on SportsLogos.Net.

Replacing the “Flying A” is white horse head with a red A in front of it. It’s not the greatest logo in the world, but when compared to the old look it’s a masterpiece. As is the custom with a Brandiose designed logo set (as you’ve already learned), there’s a whole whack of alternate logos that go along with the primary identity, including one which retains the infamous “Greatest Game on Dirt” slogan from the old primary. It’s on an alternate now, much better, much more appropriate.

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