New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Three

There are not many good ten year contracts. In baseball or any other sport, ten years of a player’s career is an eternity. Long-term contracts aren’t exactly the most efficient way for a baseball team to spend their money.

But, if you want to add a superstar to your team, you have to pay the price. For a player like Robinson Cano, the price is very steep. Ten years, $240 million steep. The third richest contact of in baseball history steep.

The Mariners weren’t a good team yesterday and even after adding Robinson Cano they’re only a marginally better team. They aren’t as good a team as the Texas Rangers or the Oakland Athletics in their own division.

The one thing we have to believe about the Mariners is that they’re not done. They have very little salary committed outside of the king’s ransom they owe Felix Hernandez and now Cano. The Mariners had better spend more if they’re serious about competing, because Robinson Cano isn’t doing it all himself.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right? The Mariners can afford to upgrade nearly every position around the diamond and better busy doing so before the ugly years at the back end of the contract start making things extra difficult.

A great move for the Mariners in that they got a great player. A great sign for Mariners fans…unless the team gets stuck. The future is officially now in Seattle, even though they have ten years of Cano to figure their way into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Yankees now have an extra draft pick and all the money they potentially earmarked for Cano to spend on…whatever they want. They’re the Yankees, they’ll show Seattle how spending sprees are supposed to go.