Here it is – the Getting Blanked year-end quiz! Join our self-indulgence as I quiz Parkes, Stoeten and Lewis on the excruciating minutia of baseball in 2013. Tough questions that our guys, two of which spent the season covering other sports, answered gamely. A good time had by all!

As stated at the end in no uncertain terms, we wish the very best to all our readers and listeners after a great 2013. Thanks so much for keeping us going and remember us in the vast sea of content.

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Comments (7)

  1. Round table magic!!!

  2. Lovin’ that round table action.

  3. Who the hell is Dustin Parkes?

  4. “Mommy, why is that man screaming ‘Jedd Gyorko’ at his computer?”

  5. Nice work, gentlemen. Take a shot anytime Parkes said, “I was going to put *name*”, you’ll be dead in ten minutes. But this was very entertaining.

    Drew (and friends), you brought it this year. Thanks for making work days more palatable and informing us with an entertaining brand of baseball writing/podcastery.

  6. That was a great listen. So good to hear the band back together.

  7. I loved the intro trumpets then the groan. Best opening since Galaxina.

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