It’s always fun to compare the skills of athletes, so let’s take a look at the fastest baseball players in the league right now. We timed each runners speed from the crack of the bat at home plate to when their foot touches the bag at first.

These 6 players had the fastest times. Also, huge thanks to our MLB Features writer Drew Fairservice for the insight to each player’s speed.

6. Elvis Andrus (4.15 seconds)

Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers turned his speed and defense combination into a big money contract. After slumping through most of 2013, legging out some infield hits and swiping more bases will make up for his lack of pop.

5. Jacoby Ellsbury (4.04 seconds)

Former Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury doesn’t fit the traditional mould of Yankees sluggers, but his speed on the bases and getting up the line is matched by very few in the game today.

4. Mike Trout (3.97 seconds)

The best player in the universe, the guy with 30-40 home run power, also burns it up down the baseline. There is Mike Trout and then there is everybody else.

3. Jean Segura (3.91 seconds)

Jean Segura enjoyed a breakout season in 2013. The Brewers shortstop hits more ground balls than just about any batter in the game today, so using his speed to dig up the line is a great way to add a few extra hits to his total.

2. Dee Gordon (3.85 seconds)

Dee Gordon is trying to show the Dodgers that he’s more than just quick feet. He’s hitting early in the season but his game will only take him as far as his legs will carry.

1. Billy Hamilton (3.83 seconds)

Without a doubt, the fastest man in baseball. Few players in recent memory used their speed as a weapon more than Billy Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds. Hitting isn’t his strength so beating out infield singles is crucial.

Lastly, here’s a cool comparison of the fastest men in baseball, to see how critical the difference in milliseconds is when running the bases. We also added in Prince Fielder for comparison, because we’re assholes.