San Francisco Giants Victory Parade

There’s no need to dramatize a non-event: This is the final post on Getting Blanked.

Those who’ve paid close attention likely noticed a change in the way things operated here last summer. Rather than covering all items and cranking out multiple posts a day, GB featured fewer articles and less “news.”

We’ve launched a brand new  that we’re all really excited about. The very same content you saw here for the past 10 months continues without missing a beat – a morning post and another feature later in the day, with Jack Moore providing two posts a week. theScore’s crack news team will also crank out the breaking alerts and funny/silly stuff you need.

That’s it. We’re consolidating our power and updating our look. NOTHING CHANGES but the URL.

This site you’re reading right now isn’t going anywhere, the archives will remain up for a long time. But all new baseball writing from me and Jack can be found HERE and HERE. Go there. Add it to your bookmarks, if such a thing exists in your world. If there isn’t an RSS feed yet, one will be up in a minute. All your other favorite theScore authors have pages and bios that you should commit to memory.

Download theScore app on Android or iOS and you’ll get it all there, too.

Of course, you can and should follow me on twitter as that’s the best way to get piping hot & fresh web content each and every day. Follow Jack too, of course.

We want to thank everyone who helped make Getting Blanked what it was – one of the best places to talk baseball on the internet. Our contributors list features some of the best and most entertaining baseball folks around. Let the related posts boxes below this farewell take you on a trip through time.

The comments and commenters were almost exclusively positive or, at worst, constructive and that is both incredibly rare and incredibly valuable. Thank you for supporting us from the very beginning or whenever you first climbed aboard. Thank you. Thank you!

One other thing: the fate of the Getting Blanked podcast. The Getting Blanked podcast isn’t something you should expect to see too often in the immediate future. They’re a lot of fun to do and those who like it, like it a lot. We get more emails and tweets and comments about the podcast than anything else.

That is great and flattering but the response of the passionate few doesn’t translate to a great many  listeners in any way, shape, or form. So it’s on hiatus for now, to be dragged back out whenever an opportunity presents itself. Thank you again for coming along for that ride, from the video days to the daily podcast to the dying days. Seeing so many people express interest in something that is little more than three or four of us screwing around in a recording studio is actually a wonderful compliment.

One more other thing: DJF. Your home for Jays news and snark and whatnot remains the same. Stoeten is on his island same as he ever was, though it might get a facelift in the near future.

Thanks again! Update your feeds and we’ll see you in no time flat.