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21-year old Cubs outfield prospect Jorge Soler was ejected from the High-A Daytona Cubs vs Clearwater Threshers game late Wednesday night after an incident that allegedly ended with Soler charging the Threshers dugout with a bat in hand.

Dutiful blogger Josh Timmers of Bleed Cubbie Blue was watching the MiLB TV feed of the game (voluntarily) and offers up this brief synopsis of the action:

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As a single man without any legitimate children that I’m aware of I don’t have to deal with any of the problems that arise when it comes to raising a brood. Thus far I’ve managed to get by just doing Uncle things, which mainly involves contracting my nieces and nephews to get me things like beer and candy from the other room while I’m laying on the couch watching sports. Even without any parenting experience of my own, I think we can all take a minute to sit back and enjoy the entry into the pantheon of parenting.

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New York Mets v Chicago Cubs


It looks like this could be it for Mets starter Johan Santana. According to pretty much every baseball source on the internet, the 34-year old two-time Cy Young award winner will undergo another surgery for a tear of the anterior capsule in his left shoulder, and faces a very tough road back. It doesn’t really do much in either direction in terms of the Mets chances for success this season, but it does mean we very well may have seen the end of one of the best arms of the last generation.

Santana was dominant between 2004 and 2008, recording at least 200 k’s and more than 219 innings each year. He was particularly good in his first Cy-Young season in 2004; striking out 265, with a 2.61ERA and a 182 ERA+. Over his 12 year career he’s 139-78, with a 3.20 ERA, 1.132 WHIP and 136 ERA+.

There’s bound to be a lot of hand-wringing and debate around whether his 134-pitch no-hitter on June 1st sped along the demise of his pitching shoulder, but it would be nice to take a step back and appreciate a fine career that could very well be in jeopardy.

Honkball Talk

Honkball Talkin’

In a fit of insomnia, I’ve been staying up and watching the opening week of the World Baseball Classic. To get up to date on the first weekend of games, read the recaps here.

It’s a fairly big night for the World Baseball Classic as Group B will be finished by the end of the slate while the Group A also-rans fight for the right to skip qualifying next time around. It’s a triple header that starts at 11:30pm ET Monday night, with the marquee Chinese Taipei v South Korea match-up set for 6:30am.

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Thank You Abe-sed God

Thank You Abe-sed God

Like a lot of people that were raised mostly on coming-of-age television shows and ‘matured’ into a society that lets you immediately share intimate moments of your life with the whole world, I am guilty of occasionally being stricken with instant nostalgia.  Every so often a sandwich or song or restaurant will remind me of some other time in my life when I was happy or sad and I’ll get to relive it a little bit. It’s fun and annoying and incredibly self-centered and one of the many things that sparks it for me is the World Baseball Classic. Last time the WBC came around I was 23, driving back and forth between the most fun baseball I’d ever experienced to a week-long house party, and I capped the whole experience off with a first kiss on a date in the pouring rain. It was very hazy, very melodramatic, and very me. It was all so perfect, it felt just like the TV shows and tumblr photographs with quotes on them told me life would feel like. 

This year the excitement of competitive baseball being available on March 1st combined with nostalgia from 2009 and modern-day insomnia have turned the tournament into a nightly companion, humming along beside me through the wee hours of the weekend in place of a loved one or beautiful stranger I might have met in a chance encounter outside my own apartment. Maybe some of you had something you deemed more important (like sleep or sex or raising children) than watching Pool A and B start at 11pm and 5am this weekend, and if so, you’re welcome, because I’ve been dutifully learning and consuming the opening games of the tournament like I consumed bottles of James Ready and crackers smothered in pot-peanut butter just 4 years ago.

Here’s what you missed while you slept:

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Everybody’s favourite duo at Foxsports, Kenny and Jon Paul, have revealed to the world that Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton has rejected a trade to the Seattle Mariners.

No other names involved in the proposed deal have been or likely will be revealed, but the very fact that this information is out there suggests it is only a matter of time before the 25-year old 2-time All-Star will be moved to a different team. Upton is under contract for $38.5 million over the next three years.

Despite the moved-in fences in Safeco Field, it appears it will take a little more than back-to-back-to-back last place finishes in the division to sway the tastes of a player of the calibre of Upton. It’s almost as if he didn’t even hear about the Jason Bay signing!

Upton posted a .280/.355/.430 line with a .341 wOBA, 108 wRC+ and 2.5fWAR last season, and had a career year in 2011, where we posted a fWAR over 6. Ken and JP also mention the Braves as a possible suitor, having already signed Justin’s brother Bossman Junior earlier in the year.

{stats via fangraphs, duh}

UPDATE: Jerry Crasnick is here to speak in absolutes and make me feel silly for ever writing this post in the first place.

In what has easily been the most heated bidding war that I just found out existed today, Jon Heyman reports that a mystery team has paid $25.7M for the right to negotiate with 25-year old Korean LHP Ryu Hyun-Jin from the Hanwha Eagles of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). The official winning bid of $25,737,737, the highest ever for a Korean player, may seem like a weirdly specific number until you learn from MLBTR (and a lesser extent, Yahoo Answers) that the numbers 3 and 7 are considered lucky in Korean culture.

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