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Jolly Roger and Chief Wahoo Demoted

This week we saw two Major League Baseball teams have their logo changes leaked, both teams were making the exact same change to their brand… but how they and the world handled the news couldn’t have been more different between the two clubs.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians were the two clubs to have their logo re-assignments made public earlier than they originally planned, both teams were upgrading one of their cap logos to the status of “primary logo”, replacing a logo which has been around for over a decade and had never been worn during a world championship season. Both replaced logos would remain on the team uniforms in the exact same manner as in previous seasons, the re-assignment was merely for how Major League Baseball categorizes logos for merchandisers and media types.

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It appears Chief Wahoo’s time is coming to an end. Recent evidence suggests the Cleveland Indians and Major League Baseball have been eliminating the logo from various marketing materials and merchandise over these past few months.

True, seeing signs that the Chief may be replaced someday isn’t exactly anything new, it’s more the speed at which things have been happening in 2013 that’s raising an eyebrow with me. The Indians have been oh-so-slowly introducing various logos to be used in concert with Wahoo for over a decade. It started with an alternate cap featuring a cursive “I” logo in 2002, moving on to a block “C” cap in 2008 which eventually managed to kick Wahoo off of the Indians’ road ballcaps altogether in 2011.

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It was a very busy week for Brandiose, the San Diego-based design agency was responsible for the design and development of three new Minor League Baseball team identities. New logos, new uniforms, new colours, and in one case a whole new team, all of which were unveiled over the past seven days.

The Tuscan Padres of the Pacific Coast League (Triple-A, San Diego Padres) relocated to El Paso, Texas for the 2014 season and last Tuesday the team unveiled their new name and logos. The El Paso Chihuahuas was picked as the new moniker, beating out finalists such as the Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Desert Gators, and Sun Dogs. Chihuahuas was said to be chosen because the owner of the club wanted to “first and foremost appeal to children and families” while also “representing El Paso’s spirit and fiercely-loyal community”.

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There was a time — long, long ago when you wouldn’t know which teams had changed logos and uniforms, or added special sleeve patches until your local team actually played them on television.

Yeah, those days are long gone. With the Internet there are no longer any surprises in life, you won’t have to wait until the Chicago White Sox make an appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball to learn they’re actually wearing their old 1983 uniforms for every Sunday home game, or that the Orioles are honouring the memory of their old skipper all-season long.


Well because we got everything logo and uniform related for you here in one handy new graphics preview guide for the 2013 MLB season!

We’ll start things off with the biggest change of the off-season, it’s the…

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Earlier this week the Milwaukee Brewers announced the winner of their “Design a YOUniform” contest, a contest in which one lucky fan could see his very own uniform concept on the field for two Brewers’ Spring Training games this March.

After receiving over 500 entries from all over the United States, SportsLogos.Net reader Ben Peters from Minnesota was chosen as that one lucky fan, his design took the current Brewers colour scheme and paired it with retro elements to create a great looking uniform that I think many wouldn’t mind seeing the club use full-time one day in the future.

Milwaukee will wear this fan-designed uniform for two games this March

The Brewers had a great response from the fans for this contest but they were hardly the first ones to go this route – they weren’t even the first Major League club to do it – below we’ll take a look at the winners of various past fan-designed uniform contests held throughout sports.

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It happens every season, merchandise manufacturers do their best to get items available for sale to fans and on the players in the clubhouse the second a team clinches either a championship or a berth into the post-season.

Being so prepared naturally there will be items produced for teams that don’t end up winning… So, every October for longer than I care to remember, I scour the Internet.  I seek out online shops who have images of this merchandise up on their websites up in an attempt to be ready to sell as quickly as possible, the real fun of course is finding the t-shirts and caps of the teams that don’t win the big game – this is what I like to call “Phantom Merchandise”

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Longtime Boston Red Sox player/manager/commentator/coach/ambassador Johnny Pesky died at the age of 93 earlier this week marking an end to his incredible 61 year run with the Red Sox ballclub.

The Boston Red Sox did what any team does these days when an important part of their past passes away, they announced they would be honouring Pesky by way of a uniform marking for the remainder of the season.

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