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The great debate in the uniform world over the past week was Major League Baseball’s opposition and refusal to allow the Houston Astros to wear a gun on their 1962 Houston Colt .45s throwback jerseys.

The Astros had planned on wearing the retro uniforms as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations for home games on April 10th and April 20th of the upcoming season.

In response to the fan confusion to the lack of the gun on the jersey, Astros owner Jim Crane deflected, placing blame solely on Major League Baseball in his responses to those who complained.

MLB responded quickly to the public gaining knowledge to their decision and allowed the Astros to use the weapon imagery all while still maintaining their disapproval in using the firearm. The Astros wasted little time and announced the gun would return to the jerseys the day after MLB’s announcement.

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Baseball’s Leapin’ Logos

It’s February 29th, otherwise known as “Leap Day” despite the fact that leap years are the only years to NOT leap over any days.  Seems wrong-ways-round to me, but then again I’m not a calendar expert and I wasn’t signed on to write posts about such things.

Let us celebrate Leap Day by taking this once-every-four-years opportunity to look at baseball’s leaping logos starting with the best source of logos, the Minors…

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Yup, that’s Pete Rose wearing the caps of eight different Major League clubs, and most baseball fans would know that aside from the Philadelphia Phillies, Pete never played a game for any of those teams.

No, he didn’t lose a bet.

The above photo is from a Sports Illustrated article circa 1979 (props to Twitter user @LobShots for the graphic) when Pete Rose was deciding which club he’d like to sign with, giving the caps of his top eight preferences a try… I must say he looks the happiest as a Yankee, a shame they couldn’t get him in pinstripes for the photo – it would have suited him a little better.

Last week I took a look at some of the greatest players in Major League Baseball history wearing the “wrong” uniform, Babe Ruth in a Dodgers uniform, Yogi Berra with the Astros, and so on.  Because I only got a chance to feature a small fraction of the players I wanted to, we’re spillin the wrong uniform fun over into a second week, let’s get at it!

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New York's Lou Gehrig shaking hands with Boston Braves outfielder Babe Ruth, 1935

Say the name of any legendary baseball player and the team they played for instantly comes to mind… Yogi Berra? New York Yankees. Hank Aaron? The Braves. Harmon Killebrew? Minnesota Twins.

The image of most of these legends are so strongly associated with a single team that the idea of them playing elsewhere isn’t even considered.  But it happens.  In fact the three players mentioned above – Berra, Aaron, Killebrew – all ended their careers playing for another franchise.

Crazy thought, isn’t it?

They’re not alone, some of the biggest names in baseball history had a season or two playing in an unfamiliar big league uniform, in this weeks article I’ll be taking a look at some of the game’s best ballplayers playing in the “wrong” uniforms.

We’ll start things off with “The Babe”…

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This past Monday new Houston Astros owner Jim Crane put an end to the speculation by stating officially that the club would not be changing their name for 2013.  Crane had earlier mentioned the team was considering a name change for their shift into the American League.

“We received strong feedback and consensus among many fans, and we will not change the name Astros. The Houston Astros are here to stay”.

While the Houston Astros won’t be changing their name this wouldn’t have been the first time a club has done a complete nickname change in the Major Leagues, it’s actually happened several times, and today we’ll take a look at just a few of the many nickname makeovers baseball has seen through the years…

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Octavio Dotel's collage of different uniforms

Depending on your definition of “team,” Octavio Dotel will either break or tie the Major League record for most teams played for when he throws his first pitch of the 2012 season. Dotel signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Tigers this past December, joining his thirteenth different Major League franchise, something no man has ever accomplished before in baseball history.

Dotel is officially surpassing (but realistically sharing) a mark set by Matt Stairs, Stairs played for 12 different teams in 13 different cities – the first and last team he played for (Montreal and Washington) are officially considered to be the same in the eyes of Major League Baseball’s history people.

With this passing of the torch taking place during the upcoming season I thought it’d be a fun time to go back and take a look at all the different uniforms these two record-setters have worn in their years on a Major League diamond.

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This Week in Jersey Leaks

Online shops leaking unreleased logos and uniforms is quickly becoming an annual event for us logo-geeks each off-season, you may remember we got off to an early start this time around when the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays new cap logos were leaked by a t-shirt manufacturer back in September prior to their eventual unveilings in November.

Well, here we go again, the changes aren’t nearly of the same impact but they are leaked changes nonetheless. Several new uniforms for the 2012 Major League Baseball season were inadvertently leaked to the public prior to their scheduled unveilings this past week; all of which again occurring on online sports merchandise shops actually offering the items for sale.

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