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The Houston Astros will be moving after the 2012 season; not from Houston or their stadium, but from their league, the National League, the league they’ve called home since their debut season 50 years ago in 1962.  The Astros also have a new owner and their shift to the American League was a condition of that sale.

When it comes to the Houston Astros any major change to the franchise raises questions amongst the logo and uniform community about what they’ll do branding-wise when the change happens.

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Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2012! Let’s celebrate the beginning of the new year by taking one final look back at the year just past with part three of our 2011 MLB logo and uniform year-in-review (you can read part one here, and part two here). In our final chapter of this trilogy we will be covering the remaining ten teams in the American League alphabetically from Detroit through Toronto.

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Christmas has once again come and gone and someone special must have read my Christmas wish-list posted here two weeks ago, that retro standings board I wrote about was waiting for me under the tree Sunday morning!

This past week my wife and I have been watching Game 6 of the 1992 World Series one inning at a time, her reaction to Tom Henke blowing the save in the 9th was priceless (yes kids, in Tom Henke’s last appearance as a Blue Jay he gave up the game-tying run with the Jays just one strike away from the championship, of course Dave Winfield helped us forget all about that).  Throughout the game the CBS feed would cut-away to a SkyDome packed full of fans just watching the game on the JumboTron waving their foam blue “J”s around in the air (Dear Blue Jays, please hand out those foam blue “J”‘s again in 2012. 20th anniversary + return of blue = do it!). I can’t wait to see that passion return to the city, slowly you can feel it starting to return.

Last week I started my 2011 MLB logo and uniform year-in-review looking at National League teams alphabetically from Arizona through New York, this week I’m continuing with part two of this series which will be looking at the remainder of the National League clubs as well as the first four American League teams.

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As we wind-down and enter the last few days of the year, what better time than now to reflect upon this past year in baseball logos and uniforms?

Nearly every team in the Bigs did something new or special uniform-wise during the course of the 2011 Major League Baseball season, so many that I’m being forced to break this list up over three parts. For you today I’ll be recapping the uniform highlights for the first ten teams, alphabetically, of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.

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My Twelve Days of Baseball Gifts

The twelve days of Christmas are upon us and we all know how the classic song of the same name goes.  In it the singer recites all the lavish gifts given to them by their true love over the course of twelve days.  As great as it would be to receive expensive gifts everyday for nearly two weeks, the choice of gifts handed out in the original song (including twelve drummers drumming, eight maids milking, and a bevy of different birds) seem a bit more like work than gifts. I mean, where would one keep 7 swans?

In case my wife is reading this and is getting the itch to shower me with twelve days worth of gifts this holiday season, I would like to make this a lot easier, and cheaper by providing a list of what my ideal twelve days of baseball gifts would be.

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Baseball’s annual winter meetings are in full swing and as you’ve seen around here, the rumour mill is buzzing with who’s going where and for how much.

The two biggest names out there responsible for most of the hoopla are Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, both first basemen who can hit for power and now looking to turn their talents into a multi-year, multi-million dollar payday.

Prince has been linked to several different teams on-and-off throughout this process with Miami, Toronto, and Chicago mentioned consistently along with his former team in Milwaukee.  While Albert, similarly has been paired up with either Miami, Chicago or back where he’s always played in St. Louis.

When the amount of years and dollars being thrown about is this high you’d have to know there are other factors at play here when a player ultimately decides where he ends up wanting to suit up.  Probability of winning, management, location, are all valid concerns… but what about how you’re going to look in the uniform?

Well, that’s where I like to help.  Mr. Fielder, Mr. Pujols, I know you have a difficult decision coming up, so I ask you to please take a look at yourself in the uniforms of your suitors, which I have carefully incorporated onto the front of your 2012 Topps baseball cards, before making anything final.

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The Cleveland Indians unveiled changes to their uniform set this past week, the changes focused mainly on cleaning up the script that is worn on the chests of the home and alternate jerseys. What remained untouched was a polarizing piece of their team identity, one which we will examine the history of in today’s piece.

Always controversial, the Cleveland Indians’ “Chief Wahoo” logo has been a part of the baseball landscape for over 60 years.

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