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San Francisco Giants Victory Parade

There’s no need to dramatize a non-event: This is the final post on Getting Blanked.

Those who’ve paid close attention likely noticed a change in the way things operated here last summer. Rather than covering all items and cranking out multiple posts a day, GB featured fewer articles and less “news.”

We’ve launched a brand new theScore.com  that we’re all really excited about. The very same content you saw here for the past 10 months continues without missing a beat – a morning post and another feature later in the day, with Jack Moore providing two posts a week. theScore’s crack news team will also crank out the breaking alerts and funny/silly stuff you need.

That’s it. We’re consolidating our power and updating our look. NOTHING CHANGES but the URL.

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MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

Jacoby Ellsbury made his return to Boston Tuesday night, wearing a different uniform for the first time since his career began in 2007. Ellsbury, instrumental in two of the Red Sox three World Series titles in the last century, left for the greener pastures of New York.

Within the contexts of Major League Baseball, Ellsbury leaving to sign with the highest bidder is par for the course. The Red Sox made a less-than-competitive offer to their outgoing center fielder, knowing they had a replacement in Jackie Bradley Jr waiting in the wings.

This is the way it works in baseball and the Red Sox are no different. They famously let the beloved Pedro Martinez walk after their 2004 World Series triumph and his reputation escaped unscathed.

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MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Washington Nationals

It is easy to get too cute when thinking about pitching. For all the attention given Masahiro Tankaka’s splitter and Jose Fernandez’s curveball and Stephen Strasburg’s change up, there is no substitute for a good fastball.

There is no one set way to attack hitters but a good fastball goes an awful long way. Without one, pitchers are at the mercy of hitters to expand their zone and go after bad pitches.

Velocity isn’t everything but it certainly helps. Even a pitcher without his “peak” velocity can still dominate using a well-place fastball.

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MLB: All Star Game-American League Practice

Yesterday in DC, the best young players in baseball faced off for the first time in their professional careers. They faced off in as much as two outfielders can – the mentioned each other during pre-game media availability. They sent praise across the aisle and explained their friendship, such as it is.

The “rivalry” is a media creation, of course. Drummed up to sell tickets and by the homerish Nats media eager to show the world that the local kid, Bryce Harper, can play too. They’re right, of course. Mike Trout casts quite a shadow but Bryce Harper deserves attention for his exploits between the lines as much as his “exploits.”

But rivals? Bryce Harper has a lot to do before he can get anywhere near Mike Trout’s level.

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers

There is a lot that comes with having Yasiel Puig in your team. Yasiel Puig is not like most players. As LA Magazine published, becoming Yasiel Puig, Baseball Supernova was not an easy process. It took money and guts and tears and all sorts of help, if you want to call self-interested crooks “help.”

Being Yasiel Puig means attracting attention. It means, in its own way, loving attention. The Los Angeles Dodgers are much better off with Yasiel Puig than without him, I’m sure the 24 other men in the clubhouse would agree.

Already this season we’ve seen the bad side of Yasiel Puig. The off-field stuff and the lateness and the circus that follows the previous transgressions everywhere they go, blowing them up and inflating them beyond the true impact that have on his teammates.

For the rest of his career, people will question Yasiel Puig’s motives, his maturity, and his commitment to winning. This will go on for a long time because Yasiel Puig is going to have a long, long career.

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at New York Yankees

The Yankees shut out the Chicago Cubs Tuesday behind a dominant pitching performance. Check that: the Yankees shutout the Cubs twice on Tuesday behind two dominant pitching performances. Yankees starters combined for 13 strikeouts and two walks over 14 innings behind a nice start from Michael Pineda and an incredible outing from Masahiro Tanaka.

If faced with the prospect of digging in against pitchers of this calibre in a doubleheader, former Cubs great Ernie Banks might not be so enthusiastic about playing twice in one day.

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros

There is no room for moral ambiguity when you’re the general manager of a Major League Baseball club. Your job is to improve the team, improve the product, and ostensibly build the bottom line by improving your club’s chances of winning.

Winning solves all ills, even though sometimes it takes a lot lot of losing to create an environment conducive to winning. When Jeff Luhnow took over as general manager of the Houston Astros, he inherited a club in transition.

After all the losing and the contract off-loading, the Astros just might be a team on the upswing. The goals in Houston have certainly changed. Luhnow has a different focus for his big league club — the youngest in baseball while also claiming one of the “most modest” payrolls — in 2014, compared to his first two years on the job.  The goal is simple – demonstrate improvement at the big league level and get fans excited for the future.

We’re realistic – we have the youngest team in baseball and a modest payroll. I do think that at the end of the season this team will be significantly better than the team we had out there last year and the fans will excited about what’s coming.”

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