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Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants

This is my last Battle of the Bay column, and I want to extend a hearty and heartfelt thanks to both Drew Fairservice and Riley Breckenridge for letting me pinch-hit for Riley while he was out gallavantin’. This was a freaking blast, not least of which because it let me watch a ton of baseball games and pretend I was actually working. Can’t ever complain about that.

The Week That Was

Oakland Athletics: 2-2 (Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds as of July 23: 83.1%)

The A’s can do dumb shit like make three errors against the Astros, trail most of the game, and still win.  

Oakland dropped a series to the Angels, but they now have a chance to get well against a horrendous Astros club. They took the first game of the series last night, despite making 74 errors and generally playing like shit. You can do that when you play the Astros, I guess.

San Francisco Giants: 2-2  (Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds as of 7/23: 3.8%)

I’m often tempted to refer to this season as a trainwreck, but that’s far too interesting. This here is a much closer approximation of the Giants’ 2013 season.

The Giants won a series against former division leaders Arizona, which helped the Dodgers take the lead in the NL West. Also, Tim Lincecum and the Giants got absolutely brutalized by the visiting Reds last night. Would losing three of four this week be enough to convince Brian Sabean to sell?

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San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres

I had the most magical dream. It involved Tim Lincecum and Hunter Pence and there was a no-hitter and Buster and Timmy actually weren’t fighting anymore, and the Giants scored 24 runs in a four-game series and that is how I know it never actually happened.

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New York Mets v San Francisco Giants

You’ll have to forgive me if much of what follows is bleary and nonsensical, but I was up until 2AM watching the Giants out-Met the Mets last night.

But the week that was did have some other high- and lowlights, so let’s get right to it. No-hitters! Batting out-of-order! All-Star snubs! Oh my.

The Week That Was

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(Ed. Note: With Riley on tour for the next few weeks, we tapped his partner at Productive Outs Ian Miller to fill-in and offer his take on the other simmering regional battle in California: the fight for the Bay between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. Ian is a Giants fan living in Oakland so you know he’ll give us the goods. Follow Ian on twitter and Productive Outs, too.)


I’d actually never heard of Canada Day before this week, but I suspect it’s a lot like our (the U.S. of A’s) Independence Day. So I hope you enjoyed your day-drinking, fireworks exhibitions, and poor decision-making.

I’m thrilled to be pinch-hitting for Riley while he’s out doing rock n’ roll things. Given my strategic location in Oakland, California, just three miles from the O.co Coliseum or whatever they’re calling that place these days, I’ll be delivering hard-hitting reportage on the Battle of the Bay, with unique insights on the inner workings of the Athletics and the Giants.

Nah, just kidding. Mostly I’ll be making cheap, tangentially baseball-related jokes and trying to make you laugh.

Let’s get started.

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