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When attempting to identify baseball’s least likely success story of the last 25 years, one doesn’t need to look any further than the 1989 Cleveland Indians. Plagued with rumors of tampering from ownership, a practically non-existent budget, and a roster filled with names unfamiliar to most who followed the game, the ‘89 Indians should have turned in one of the worst seasons of all time.

Long time owner, Donald Phelps, passed away in December of 1988, leaving the franchise in the hands of his ex-Vegas showgirl wife. Her intentions for the club, which we’ve come to understand years later, involved nothing resembling on-field success. With a pair of 100-loss seasons in the rearview, Rachel Phelps set out to build a team bad enough to finish dead last, in hopes of packing up the team and relocating to Miami.

Their place in baseball history is undefined. The Indians improbable run to the American League East pennant has never been celebrated as a book, movie, or both. There was no forward thinking ex-player turned general manager rushing to save the Cleveland Indians on the back of a statistical revolution. It wasn’t a case of “the bad guys won,” but perhaps the wrong guys won.

This is the story of 1989 Cleveland Indians, as told by the players and coaches who helped a struggling franchise win its first pennant in over 30 years.

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Here’s your second dose of Getting Blanked’s best GIFs from the first half. You can view Part I here.

Koju Uehara leads off, with his familiar high-five routine… finished off with a quick slap to the face of Shane Victorino, because Koji’s the best.

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It’s the Fourth of July, which means things are a lot slower on the world wide web today. We’re celebrating this most joyous occasions, or nursing our Canada Day hangovers, in the only manner we know of… A GIF COMPILATION POST.

This is Getting Blanked’s collection of the best GIFs from the first half of the 2013 season. These are all GIFs created in-house by your dear author, Scott Johnson, and news hounds. Thus, there will be no GIFs of Yu Darvish throwing several baseballs at once, or Clint Hurdle chewing 48 pieces of gum with nine different jaws. Just some good old fashioned fancy moving pictures.

We lead with Jonathan Papelbon walking off the mound following what was clearly an energy drink bath. MOAR GIFs after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

We got your baseball GIFs right here.

When he’s on, Dickey can make that ball dance, as evidenced by the slo-mo replay via Lookout Landing pictured above. More fancy pictures after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

Victor Martinez made a rare start at first base for the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, and he made it a memorable one by pulling off an incredible play. Martinez knocked down a hard grounder off the bat of Jacoby Ellsbury, and managed to beat the speedy Red Sox outfielder with a circus flip to first for the out.

Ellsbury, as impressed as anyone, acknowledged Martinez’s unexpected defensive prowess with a pat on the back.

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Here’s your weekly dose of browser crashing baseball GIFs. Big thanks to Scott Johnson and theScore news hounds for their contributions. We’ll let angry Blue Jays beard man take you away.

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It appears as though Manny Ramirez is finished with baseball in Taiwan. Devoted Manny in Taiwan blogger Brandon DuBreuil relayed a series of reports early this morning, noting that Ramirez is expected to leave the country on June 21.

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