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World Baseball Classic - Second Round - Miami - Italy v Puerto Rico

Short tournaments are nothing like the long regular season grind. The law of averages tends to catch up over 162 (or not, if you’re the Baltimore Orioles.) In a short tournament, anything can happen. Any team can sneak past a formidable opponent on guile and luck and the bounces of a round bat striking a round ball.

Italy doesn’t have the most talented roster in the World Baseball Classic. They have a few good players and, relative to their better decorated opponents, a whole lot of chaff. But the Italian team scraped through the first round, skating by on the strength of some soft tossers and timely hitting.

Through seven innings in their elimination game against Puerto Rico, Italy kept the magic going. The Puerto Ricans failed over and over with runners in scoring position and Italy held a 3-1 lead. Then all hell broke loose.

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NLCS - St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Two

The dynamic pricing model is either a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing if you are someone who sells tickets and a curse for, well, just about everyone else. Single game tickets are now available for the World Baseball Classic semis and finals at AT&T Park in San Francisco under a dynamic pricing model. If by “dynamic” they mean “very expensive.”

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Maybe “immensely” popular is misleading. Any MLB Network program that raties higher than “the friends and family of Chris Rose” makes for a banner day. But this is at least a good place to start for the viewer-bereft network.

Consider it “misson accomplished” for MLB and the network – moving all the games to MLBN buoyed the numbers. No word of ratings in Canada, where viewers were to watch on Sportsnet (without the benefit of an online option), but needless to say the Sunday afternoon time slot for the Canada/USA game on the heels of the big brawl was good for business.

Valid as the complaints about the format and timing of the event might be, nobody can resist a good show.


Video game publishers and the World Baseball Classic have yet to come together with a playable game mode of the international tournament. If taking your country, or any country, to world baseball supremacy on the video game circuit is something you desire, well, there’s a way. All you need is a PC and a copy of EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005.

MVP Caribe, a modding community similar to that of MVP Mods, has put together a World Baseball Classic total conversion mod that features 28 national teams, complete with accurate rosters and uniforms. The World Baseball Classic is playable as a 30-game dynasty. You take what you can get, I guess.

All the player model restructuring and graphic enhancements that MVP Baseball 2005 allows can’t propel the game to look as sharp as MLB 13: The Show, but neither Sony or 2K Sports appear to be interested in delivering a WBC mode to gamers at this point. So, if gaming the WBC sounds like your bag, then you best scare up a copy of the cult classic baseball title.

Via Kotaku, Image via MVP Mods

It got late early in the final Pool 1 game as the Netherlands and Japan played to determine the top seed heading into the World Baseball Classic. The Abesed God Shinnosuke Abe hit two home runs in the second inning alone – a frame in which the Japanese pounded out eight runs to put this game out of reach early. Despite chipping away late in the game, Japan held on to win 10-6, heading to San Francisco as the top seed from the Far East pool.

Nobody likes to lose but the Dutch are still crashing the WBC semifinal party. Honkbal rolls on unbowed!

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Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners

The Cinderella Dutch team might get a nice boost as they attempt to halt the clock just before midnight. Reports out of Dallas indicate Jurickson Profar, the consensus best prospect in baseball, could join the Netherlands team in time for the World Baseball Classic semifinals next week in San Francisco.

Profar’s name appears on the Dutch roster though he initially declined the invitation to play for his country(ish), opting to stay in camp with Texas. With the Oranje still alive and the time commitment considerably lessened, Profar says he will join his compatriots if they ask him to take part.

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I think I’ll miss the red pants most of all. The improbable run by the Dutch “National” baseball team continues on to the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic, as Andrelton Simmons and the Dutch team squeak past Cuba in a see-saw affair for the ages!

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