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St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals - Game Five

We know some stats stabilize earlier than others, that’s well-traveled ground. But a recent chart over by Charlie Adams at Beyond the Boxscore depicts the race to significance visually for us:


It’s early in the season. The samples are short. Many stats won’t matter for a while. But! Players have made changes to their swing and contact rates that might hold steady. Of course, all we are saying is that we can learn more from the player’s rates than the league rates at this point — we aren’t saying these rates will hold steady all year. But we can learn from them.

So who changed their approach the most? Here are the top 15 guys who decided to swing more:

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Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox

Remember when the Houston Astros moved to the American League and it ruined everything forever? While the Astros’ move to the AL West is mostly painful for the Astros themselves, there are many more dominoes of suffering yet to fall in this chain. No one will suffer more than you, the fan of baseball, now subjected to interleague play on every day of the year.

With 15 teams in each league, one from each league must be facing off at all times. The Reds and Angels started the season and the Royals and Phillies battled in Philadelphia this past weekend.

Games played in National League stadiums are subject to NL rules, meaning no DH. Interleague is what it is, the merits of which will not be debated here and now, but let’s consider this a bonus gift from the interleague gods. Because it gives rise to glorious questions like “will Adam Dunn play left field this week?”

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