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MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels

Geovany Soto. Jurickson Profar. Matt Harrison. Derek Holland. Yu Darvish (potentially.) The Texas Rangers are not having the best final weeks of Spring Training.

The injuries for the Rangers are, on their own, nothing major. Missing Soto (torn meniscus, out 10-12 weeks) and Profar (tear in shoulder muscle, out 10-12 weeks) isn’t the end of the world – in a vacuum. But stacking all these DL stints on top of each other and the Rangers…well the Rangers have reason for concern. They still boast a great middle of the order with Shin-Soo Choo, Prince Fielder, Adrian Beltre, and Alex Rios. Elvis Andrus is back after a shutting down for a week after a sore throwing arm. The Rangers are still good.

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Texas Rangers Adrian  Beltre is congratulated by teammates after hitting a home run against the Los Angeles Angels in their MLB game in Arlington

Prospect season rolls on with another fresh batch of “the thinking man’s buzzfeed” pieces that rank and collate and organize players into nice, discreet tiers.

The lists are fun and also informative. From fantasy owners to hardcore baseball nerds to those who know the tender touch of a spouse or partner, it pays to know about the future of the game. As Will Leitch demonstrated at Sports On Earth yesterday, compiling lists like this is an evolution – recent lists seem much stronger than the older iterations.

To hear the like of Keith Law and some of the Baseball Prospectus guys tell it, these lists are all about approximating future production – which players have the best chance of being the best, or most valuable, pros.

Production is measured in many different ways and created by a wide variety of players. It comes in all shapes and forms, something easy to forget when reading scouting reports and pigeonholing young players.

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david price pitch

So. It all comes down to one game for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers. Well, it all comes down to one for the chance for it to come back down on one more game on Wednesday night. Regardless, the Rangers streaked into this position, winning their final seven games straight while the Rays backed in, winning on the season’s final day after losing two straight to the Toronto Blue Jays on the road.

Luckily for the Rays, they have their ace and best pitcher ready to fire tonight, sending David Price on full rest against the Texas Rangers in Arlington. These aren’t your father’s Texas Rangers, mind you. The old Rangers bashed and mashed their way to consecutive World Series appearances. The 2013 edition still scored plenty of runs, ranking in the top ten in both runs and homers, but the offense feels more organic than the old days of standing around, waiting for a homer.

The centerpiece of the Rangers offense remains Adrian Beltre, a potential Hall of Famer who posted a now-typical Adrian Beltre season in 2013 – he hit 30 home runs, played the living hell out of third base, engaged in shenanigans and possibly solved crimes with his shortstop, Elvis Andrus, and got really weird whenever somebody touched his head.

Beltre is the cleanup hitter for Texas and his is the bat most deserving of attention in the Rangers order. So how might David Price attempt to work around the free-swinging third baseman and get his Rays into the next stage of the playoffs?

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Yes. One thousand times yes.

(Elvis Andrus still sucks.)

Hat tip to @ApplesElmi for enriching my life in a profound way.

There is no end to my enjoyment of Adrian Beltre. He’s a Hall of Fame-calibre player who also plays with plus √©lan and plus plus joie de vivre. He might not get into the Hall of Fame but, as I tweeted on the weekend, I want to join the BBWAA just so I might cast a Hall ballot in favor of Adrian Beltre (and Scott Rolen, too.)

When it comes to screwing around on the field, Adrian Beltre is an 80-grade hero. This weekend he battled friend and former teammate Felix Hernandez and nothing but good times resulted.

Good times pretty much follow Beltre around, as this incredible GIF gallery by Fangraphs’ newest GIF wizard DShep25 clearly demonstrates (as does this buzzfeed thing which is much less cool because buzzfeed.)

Please click through and enjoy all that Adrian Beltre has to offer. I quite literally almost chocked/died laughing at some of them.

Defense matters is a common rallying cry among baseball nerds. It is the belief that valuing defense is important beyond simple lip service. That while the readily available defensive metrics leave much to be desired, they help frame the arguments for and against certain players.

As such, players who superficially appear similar are actually evaluated quite differently. Let’s play a little game.

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Adrian Beltre clouts.

Camera operator falls.

Professional baseball player relives moment, laughs.

Says a lot about society, man. So does the GIF below the jump.

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