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Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox

Look at Adam Dunn. He’s just sliding in your draft and you’re so tempted to take those 40 home runs to the bank. But that .200-ish batting average is going to hurt. Look at Adam Dunn. Look at him.

Those of us in 5×5 fantasy leagues don’t have the benefit of embracing high-walk, high-power sluggers — at least not without ramifications — and so we’re always on the lookout for power paired with batting average. It’s why Cardinals’ prospect Oscar Taveras has so many drooling over his future. It’s why we love Albert Pujols so much. That doesn’t mean these guys are easy to find.

We might have a new tool. Well, a new thing to watch out for at least. A warning: this is not scientific journal level research. This is a thing I found after talking to a baseball player that knows his craft.

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All together now: this doesn’t mean anything yet. The Dodgers submitted a waiver claim on Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and won, meaning the BoSox have 48 hours to decide if they want to work out a deal, let him walk for nothing, or pull him back.

There is a lot of sticker shock associated with Adrian Gonzalez’s contract, considering he is set to earn in the neighbourhood of $22 million through 2018. That is a lot of money, some astutely note. Perhaps the Red Sox would be well served in letting Gonzalez walk to LA for nothing, freeing themselves of that significant financial burden.

The other side of that coin is Adrian Gonzalez’s obvious goodness. Despite slumping for a good chunk of this season, he remains one of the best players in baseball. His .380 wOBA since joining the Red Sox in the top 15 in all of baseball, and his 9+ WAR put him in the top 20.

It is an interesting debate: what should the Red Sox do over the next two days?

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