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Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos and President and CEO of the Blue Jays Paul Beeston  talk during workouts at the team's MLB baseball spring training facility in Dunedin

The Toronto Blue Jays celebrated their 2013 December Baseball Championship with a sombre, controlled season ticket holder event last night. The natural grumblings of irritated fans after a very disappointing season came through during a ticket holder Q&A with general manager Alex Anthopoulos, president and CEO Paul Beeston, and manager John Gibbons – despite prescreening questions to gently mute any discontent.

More than anything, both the fans and the front office of the Blue Jays seem a little tired. The fans are tired and a little leery after a winter of promise gave way to a season of harsh reality, a fifth-place finish, and the manager who walked away from his contract with the club celebrating a World Series title. The front office seems weary after a season full of worst case scenarios. A season full of injuries and losses and tumors and shredded shoulders and letdown after letdown.

Weary as he might be, Alex Anthopoulos does not appear desperate. All the talent that made his team such a sexy pick for the 2013 season remains in place for 2014. Health is the biggest wild card for his club. It was the biggest factor undermining their aspirations in 2013 and remains the single biggest issue for them going forward into 2014.

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Getting Blanked caught up with Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos at the end of last week for an extended chat about the current state of the team, changing philosophies, injury woes and his self-critical ways.

Interview was conducted before the Yunel Escobar situation came to a head. Also: the quote in the headline actually came from a line not included in the text below. I just liked the way it sounded. Apologies if it is misleading in any way.

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I understand that Bob Elliot has been doing his job for a long time and that he has been very important to the development of baseball on a National level here in Canada, but given that he writes for the often reactionary drivel-machine known as the Toronto Sun, it shouldn’t be surprising that he often writes some cringe-worthy material. Yesterday, Mr. Elliot decided to say…something, although I’m not to this point entirely sure what that is.

In an article headlined, “No trade boost for Jays” Elliot starts out by quoting an unrevealed player:

 “When a team gets help at the deadline it’s a sign to the rest of the team, management is saying ‘OK, let’s go, we’re serious about winning. Time for you guys to get serious too.’

“I’ve seen teams where the new guy didn’t do a whole lot, but the team took off as soon as the new guy arrived. It’s like a bolt of energy.”

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