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Like last month’s rankings, this month’s updates of my crude catcher defense rankings once again are reassuring that these ratings are measuring something real, even if that is somewhat boring. But if we look more closely at the components, some interesting contrasts stand out. We will troll around the middle a bit, too, to see what interesting stuff might come up. Read on, catcher defense fans.

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Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland has come under a bit of fire lately, mostly for his late game bullpen management, or mismanagement if you (like Miguel Cabrera) prefer.

However, as it is with any manager,┬áLeyland has both good and bad characteristics. The marginal difference he makes relative to other managers is very difficult (or virtually impossible, depending on how one parses the situation) to measure. One thing beyond how he has chosen to use his relievers that has stood out to me is how he’s kept his two catchers – Alex Avila and Gerald Laird – in a platoon through the postseason.

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