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Are we weary of PED talk yet? Judging by the reaction this Miami New Times report, there is a voracious appetite for drug speculation. Depending on your desire for outrage, there is enough in the MNT report to feed an army.

There are names – famous names and familiar names and new names in the baseball drug sphere. There are details of a sloppily-run medical clinic with questionable bookkeeping and details of creams, shots, and significant payments. There is enough to reignite the steroid debate anew.

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The Yankees are old. You know this and I know this. We all made the same jokes, as recently as last week when the Yankees were in the process of re-signing Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera – two seriously old dudes. Now Alex Rodriguez might not be as old as those forty-something pitchers but, in baseball years, he is old.

It seems Rodriguez’s wonky hip is still troubling him and requires surgery in January. This latest procedure is sure to cost him the start of his 2013 season, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

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Editorial Note: The latest information graphic from the talented Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball is the definitive explanation of Alex Rodriguez’s career to date. After a poor playoff performance, I think we’d all do well to appreciate what a fantastic player he’s been throughout his career, even if that declining slugging percentage in recent years might be a bit concerning [D.P.].

By all accounts – whether they be based in statistics, mechanics or what’s perceived as intangibles – Alex Rodriguez has had a very bad postseason. So bad, in fact, that the only way he could possibly make it worse is by actually continuing to play, at least according to manager Joe Girardi, who has decided to use one of the greatest players we’ll ever have the privilege of seeing as a pinch hitter off the bench primarily against left-handed pitching.

To each their own.

However, Rodriguez’s play combined with the reaction of his manager and his new role on the New York Yankees have conspired to spawn more speculation than the history of real estate in the state of Florida regarding his future in the city that does not sleep.

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Perhaps it was inevitable. A once-in-a-generation player. A player so talented, so fluid, so powerful, so fast, so agile. A player in his nineteenth big-league season. A player saddled with injuries and questions about his health and his toughness.

Baseball’s highest-paid player struggling on the biggest stage. In the biggest city. For the most successful team in the history of the sport. In an age of immediate information and instant analysis and second-guessing. The manager fills out his lineup card and the focus shifts to the missing name. A-Rod benched. In the biggest, most important game of the season.

The Yankees lost last night in Game Three of the American League Championship Series with A-Rod on the bench. He didn’t start, replaced at third base by Eric Chavez. He didn’t pinch hit. He sat, with his Yankees windbreaker jacket keeping him warm on a cool Detroit night.

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I’d like to promote a new rule for all of humanity to follow: Before offering an opinion on anything, take some time to consider the things that you’re assuming in arriving at your opinion, and then, when you state this opinion, preface it with a list of all those things so that those to whom you’re offering your opinion might understand the amount of authority you have in speaking to whatever issue is the topic of conversation.

If you find that your point would lack the brevity necessary to be effective because the accompaniment of assumptions is too long, perhaps consider that your opinion may not be worth stating at all.

It’s not easy finding love in the big city at the best of times, but when you’ve gotten out in all but five of your twenty-five plate appearances this postseason, and your manager has pulled you from the game on multiple occasions for a pinch-hitter, it’s downright near impossible.

So, perhaps, we might find some forgiveness in our hearts for New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez taking a proactive approach to his love life on Saturday night when, after being replaced by Eric Chavez in the eighth inning of his team’s 6-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers, A-Rod was spotted attempting to procure the telephone numbers belonging to a pair of women sitting behind the Yankees dugout.

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