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Philadelphia Phillies v Los Angeles Dodgers

To say that the Los Angeles Dodgers are under-performing would be an understatement. They’re awful. They’ve been hit with a number of injuries to key players, and they continue to masquerade the likes of Juan Uribe, Luis Cruz, and Mark Ellis as viable infield options on a daily basis. The Dodgers are 18-26 today, which is far below whatever expectations a nearly $217 million payroll may have levied upon them.

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Great philosopher of our time Chris Rock once remarked on the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Sure, a professional athlete drawing huge paychecks is rich, but the owners who are able to pay somebody that much are wealthy. In baseball terms, I feel like this divide can be expressed in a similar way: anybody can sign free agents but only the truly wealthy teams can pay people just to go away.

The Dodgers are as wealthy as it gets in baseball. After buying up all the Red Sox contract albatrosses at the end of last season then signing Zack Greinke this December, the Dodgers have one of the best teams in baseball on paper.

Having the best team on paper in December doesn’t preclude the Dodgers from seeking upgrades. Considering LA goes into the season with an outfield of Jerry Hairston Jr. (until Carl Crawford comes back) – Matt Kemp – and Andre Ethier, there is certainly room to upgrade. How will the Dodgers look to create space? Perhaps moving the very-recently-signed Ethier will do the trick.

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According to several reports, the Los Angeles Dodgers are expressing interest in trading Andre Ethier, less than four months after signing the right fielder to a five year contract extension worth $85 million. The deal, which was seen as something of an overpay at the time, was made to look worse as the year progressed and Ethier’s struggles against left-handed pitching became more pronounced.

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