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ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick first reports (and Mark Bowman somewhat confirmed before Jon Heyman double confirms) that the Atlanta Braves and B.J. Upton are close to signing a five-year deal worth between $70-75 million. The free agent center fielder represents a decent coup for the Braves – who tend to cry poor at free agent time, thanks in no small part to their rather terrible TV deal.

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The list of upcoming free agent position players is what’s politely referred to as interesting. With an increasing number of players signing long-term extensions before they ever meet free agency (and looking at the recent Troy Tulowitzki, Ryan Braun, and Joey Votto contracts, why not?), the pickings are increasingly slim, and it looks like it is going to be that way for a while.

Obviously, Josh Hamilton and David Ortiz are two big names on the list, but neither is an obvious high-demand guy like (to stick with just a few examples), say Prince Fielder last year, Carl Crawford the year before (yeah, he really was in demand back then), or Mark Teixeira in the 2008-2009 off-season.

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THE MEDIA NEEDS TO STOP SCRUTNIZING THIS STEPHEN STRASBURG THING AND JUST LET THE TEAM DO WHAT THEY WANT. Or something. We talk about the Strasdown, the Dodgers struggles, the surprising Phillies question mark and the Rays/possible AL East clustertastrophe.

Plus, a Prop Hate first: an appeal! I counted 10 utterances of the word “shadows” on Sunday night but nobody else bothered to count. We need independent observers to offer their count before Parkes will drop his appeal and wear his punishment with honour. If you have MLB TV, take a gander at Sunday night’s first inning and drop your shadows count into the comment section.

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