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It’s always fun to compare the skills of athletes, so let’s take a look at the fastest baseball players in the league right now. We timed each runners speed from the crack of the bat at home plate to when their foot touches the bag at first.

These 6 players had the fastest times. Also, huge thanks to our MLB Features writer Drew Fairservice for the insight to each player’s speed.

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds-Workout

Their lineup is top-heavy, but fearsome. Their rotation at worst reliable and at best dominant. With Aroldis Chapman at the back, the bullpen puts up good numbers in its own right.

Claiming the Cincinnati Reds are a good baseball club is barely necessary – three playoff appearances and three 90-win seasons in four years does all the heavy lifting. Despite this recent success, 2014 is the dawn of a new era in the Queen City. A new manager, a new outlook and a roster in transition suggest strange things are afoot at the Great American Ballpark.

Anytime a club changes managers they can expect (or hope for) a new culture. Dusty Baker is among the most iconoclastic managers in baseball, so parting ways with a larger than life skipper, and bringing aboard just about anybody else will usher in a new experience in the clubhouse. Beyond Baker’s unmistakable thumbprint, the Reds face question marks around the diamond for the first time in years.

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Montgomery Biscuits v Pensacola Blue Wahoos

That’s a misnomer. We don’t need to project Billy Hamilton overall, that’s why there are projections systems. He won’t have much power, and he has elite speed, we can use his minor league walk and strikeouts and presto, bingo bango: projection.

Here’s the thing. Billy Hamilton has speed like you’ve never seen before. He set the record for minor league stolen bases. The real Billy Hamilton facts are so ridiculous you don’t even need to make up fake ones. The guy he beat out for the record, Vince Coleman, once rode the no-power, inconsistent-walks, too-many-strikeouts train to some seasons that any fantasy player today would love to own — even his first season, when he hit .267 and stole 110 bases (and he had better).

So perhaps, when Steamer projects Billy Hamilton to hit .245, perhaps it can’t account fully for Hamilton’s elite-elite speed. You don’t build a projection system to be right for the two dots way out out on the extremes, you build it for the heart of the bell curve.

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The 2012 edition of the Arizona Fall League seemed to slip under the radar of most baseball fans. Blame the relative lack of big fish on the rosters (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) or what have you, the AFL just didn’t seem to capture the same segment of fans on my twitter timeline it did a year ago.

The AFL Rising Stars game on Saturday night did, however, stream on and grabbed a few eyeballs, allowing fans and bloggers to shamelessly regurgitate scouting jargon without a scintilla of credibility. The game, an all star exhibition at its core, featured some highlights and looks to the future, none more impressive than the show put on by Billy Hamilton.

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By now, we’ve all heard about the speed of Cincinnati Reds middle infield prospect Billy Hamilton. Last night, while playing for the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos, Hamilton added three more stolen bases to his season total, tying, then breaking the previous Minor League record held by Vince Coleman, and adding one more for good measure later in the game.

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