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For the latest news on the Biogenesis front, Getting Blanked re-enlisted the help of Fraser MacKinnon Blair (@fmblair on Twitter) to help us wade through the latest revelations and what they could mean for the players involved.

During his annual All-Star game news conference, Major League Baseball Player’s Association chief Michael Weiner provided some updates regarding Major League Baseball’s ongoing investigation into a number of players connected to Anthony Bosch and the Biogenesis clinic.

Weiner passed on a couple of interesting points regarding the nature of the (likely) forthcoming suspensions in connection to the Biogenesis investigation.

Does this change anything related to the enforcement of the Joint Drug Policy and Prevention Program?

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Baseball 2006Last week, ESPN’s Outside The Lines reported that Major League Baseball would seek to suspend 20 players connected to Biogenesis of America, a former Miami-area anti-aging clinic founded by Anthony Bosch that was implicated in providing banned substances to professional athletes in January by a whistle-blowing former employee. After a lawsuit was filed against him by MLB, Bosch reached an agreement – according to the OTL report – to cooperate with the league’s investigation into the matter, potentially offering evidence necessary to suspend several players.

In exchange for Bosch’s cooperation, MLB will not only drop the lawsuit it filed against Bosch in March, but also protect him from liability for any other legal action that might arise from his cooperation, provide security for him and speak on his behalf with any law enforcement agency that seeks to bring charges against him in the future.

This represents the very first time in professional sports that a league has investigated the past use of banned substances by multiple high-profile players for punitive purposes. And like any first time, it carries with it a lot of nuance, intricacies and questions that are likely to be ignored by our initial reaction to the possibilities of wide spread suspensions.

With a bit of distance from the story breaking, let’s go over some of the larger issues pertaining to the investigation and potential punishment, and try to gain an understanding of – forgive me for this – what it all means.

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