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Rare footage of Ned Colletti's negotiation tactics.

Baseball logic: It’s important to have a good bullpen.¬†Bullpens are comprised of relievers. Brandon League is a very good reliever. Therefore, it’s important to have Brandon League in your bullpen.

That’s a fairly airtight argument. What’s not an airtight argument is that Brandon League is so important to have in your bullpen that you should pay him more annually than all but sixteen other relief pitchers in the history of baseball.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Brandon League to a three-year contract worth $22.5 million, with an option for 2016 worth $7.5 million that will vest if he finishes 55 games in 2015. It’s a tidy raise from the $5 million that League earned last season in his final year of arbitration, but what’s more astounding than the average annual value of the deal is the $22.5 million commitment.

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