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Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

Brandon Phillips is a very good baseball player and has been for a long time. There is no way to proceed on this topic without first making that statement clear. He is a very good hitter and defender with the flare for the dramatic and/or spectacular.

Brandon Phillips is not the best player on the Cincinnati Reds. He isn’t now and I don’t know that he has ever been during his tenure in the Queen City. Maybe in 2007 but that was a bad team so what does it matter?

Brandon Phillips is a very good player currently playing on a very, very good team. Only one team in baseball has more wins than the Cincinnati Reds, which makes the columnists looking for talking points seem even more pathetic.

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Brandon Phillips helped preserve a one-run lead in the seventh inning with Ryan Braun at the plate by bare-handing a ball, dropping a knee on second base for out number one, and finding a way to fire a throw to first. Yeah, Phillips might be the most exciting second baseman in the game.

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips and Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Jared Hughes made up today following their altercation last night, from which Mr. Phillips accused Mr. Hughes of referring to him by the racially insensitive term “boy.” According to reports, Pirates outfield Andrew McCutchen mediated the telephone session that resulted in mutual forgiveness and respect between the two players.

According to Phillips:

We reached out, and me and Mr. Hughes had a great conversation before I came to the stadium today. It was the best thing that ever happened, just talking to him about what happened, talking to him about things that I heard and stuff. It was great to hear what he had to say and him to hear what I had to say. It made us both feel better about the situation. I respect him as a player and a man from the conversation we had. It was just a big misunderstanding. When you say certain things in the heat of the moment, you really don’t mean it. You forgive people. He forgave me. I forgive him. It’s the baseball family. I love him as a brother.

From racially divided enemies to brothers from different mothers in a matter of hours. If only all issues related to racism could be cured so easily.

Hey guys, how’s it going? Me? I’m good. Thanks for asking, but let’s not get dragged down by the pleasantries. I know why you’re hear, and there’s no use pretending otherwise.

On today’s show we talked about Brandon Phillips’ accusations of racism, how the pennant races look with less than a month to go in the season, and the possibility of Major League Baseball pitchers using protective head gear while they’re on the mound. All this, and, as they say, a whole lot more.

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A couple of weeks ago, The Atlantic published a feature report on the language that Major League Baseball announcers use to describe different players based on their ethnic origins. The findings, hardly surprising, suggested that baseball broadcasters apply a subtle racial bias to their work by being more likely to comment negatively when judging the effort of non-white players than they are for white players.

This isn’t merely a problem for baseball. It’s something that permeates most of the developed world. While progress has been made in terms of racial equality, it’s foolish to suggest that racism has been conquered and eliminated. While outlandish displays of prejudice based on skin color or background are easily spotted and often labelled as bad behaviour, we still struggle with the inherent racism that acts as an antiquated remnant of our past mistakes.

It thankfully remains a relatively rare occurrence to see overtly racist outbursts, but nonetheless they do occur. And according to Cincinnati Reds second baseman, one occurred last night in his team’s extra inning victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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