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These two tweets are from a series on missives from the Fox Sports reporter and columnist Jon Morosi. Morosi pontificated on the topic of one Brett Lawrie, the fully #dimed third baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays. Lawrie was placed on the disabled list today with an ankle injury suffered sliding into second base on a steal attempt against the Atlanta Braves on Monday night.

The injury itself seemed quite freakish, though Brett Lawrie’s injury history suggests there are freak injuries and then there are player that suffer injuries at a freakish rate. Is it because of his style of play or something else? Fear not, Doctor Jon Morosi is on the case.

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Remember when Brett Lawrie did…that? It was pretty awesome. Scary, but awesome.

Remember baseball cards? It might come as a shock to you that base cards are still a thing. People — grown ass men and women, even — still collect baseball cards for fun and profit. Which is cool, in the “not at all cool but ultimately harmless” sense of the word.

Because people still collect them, baseball card companies still make baseball cards. They make reams and reams of cards, with weird variants and limited editions and all manner of ephemera designed to separate human beings from their money.

They also appear interested in separating Brett Lawrie’s head from his shoulders. The new Topps “short prints” Out of Bounds series features images not often found on baseball cards – images of baseball players going “out of bounds” to make plays on defense.

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WAR isn’t perfect. WAR is fun and quick and easy. It has weaknesses and it has strengths. Due to its “all in one” nature and growing influence among baseball fans and writers, WAR faces attacks from those seeking to poke holes in this magic stat.

It is important that the keepers and developers of WAR continue improving and moulding it, making better use of the available information. The internal composition of WAR might change but the basic idea — the core fundamental — show the versatility and value of WAR. The ability to compare against eras and competition is one thing.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and WAR is on it. This trait alone makes it a valuable tool.

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It’s amazing what a gold medal can do for you: sponsorships, endorsement deals and totally getting back at your ex-fiance.

Sydney Leroux, the Canadian-born American soccer player who was previously engaged to Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie, won an Olympic gold medal yesterday as a member of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. This morning, Lawrie in a brief moment of contemplation before chugging eight Red Bulls and twelve litres of water, reflected back on his time with Leroux and then publicly posted his conclusion that he had made a big mistake.

Or, you know, this:

Oh, to be 22-years-old again: young, dumb and full of … well, being 22.

When I was twelve years old I switched schools. It was likely the worst possible time to do so. I was a gangly, awkward and painfully self-aware pre-adolescent foisted into the midst of an unknown territory that had pre-established social rules and hierarchies.

It was intimidating. The air about which the already formed cliques carried themselves led me to believe that they were better than me at everything I was good at. I tried to maintain a lone wolf status so that my deficiencies wouldn’t be revealed, but a meddling teacher forced me into trying out for the track team after seeing me run during recess.

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