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Via Nats Enquirer, we learn of the latest Bryce Harper catch phrase:

Be as sexy as you can.

Yep. It’s silly and absolutely meaningless, but quite frankly, Harper can say whatever he wants, coin any phrase he’d like, just as long as he continues to use his fame to assist the less fortunate, as he’s doing in the video above with the Greater Washington Urban League.

What Bryce Harper has lacked at the plate in the weeks following this year’s All-Star Game, the teenage rookie has more than made up for in swagger footwear. The latest in specialty cleats sported by Harper since he laced up golden shit-kickers at the Mid-Summer Classic was revealed last night in Houston.

You can’t tell because they’re camouflaged, but the cleats are actually high tops, and were produced exclusively for the Washington Nationals outfielder by Under Armour. Let’s hope they help him to bounce back this month after a disappointing July.

Prepare yourself for a neverending string of Bryce Harper hyperbole because, well, he just might be that good. Not only is Bryce Harper good, he is also a versatile member of the Nationals. He quite literally does it all.

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Hitting a home run at the highest level of professional baseball is very difficult. There are so many things that need to go right in order for the batter to put the fat part of a round bat on a round ball moving very quickly with the required force and loft to send the ball flying with sufficient force and trajectory for it to travel in upwards of 350 or even 400 feet.

For a teenaged baseball phenom to accomplish this minor miracle of potential energy transfer is noteworthy for its rarity: last night 19-year old Bryce Harper hit the first Major League home run of his nascent career, becoming the first teenager youngest ballplayer to go deep since Adrian Beltre in 1998. Harper took Padres pitcher righty Tim Stauffer deep to center field and it was a thing of beauty.

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