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Milwaukee Brewers v Houston Astros

Home and away splits are weird. Far too often, they are used as a weapon in an attempt to tear down players thought to be creations of their home environment.

In a fantasy perspective, they can be instructive when players change teams but, more often than not, they’re just noise. Matt Cain is held up as the poster boy for park factors, as his home/road results are often at odds.

Does it really matter to the Giants that Matt Cain is better at home than on the road? They signed him for what, seven years? He gets to call AT&T Park home for a long, long time, why wouldn’t they want him to pitch better there?

When looking at some splits for 2012, I came across the name of Bud Norris. As a pitcher for the Astros who already reached arbitration, Bud Norris is the subject of much trade speculation. Bud Norris, for whatever reason, sported the worst road numbers of any starter in baseball last year. His numbers were really bad. Shockingly bad. To wit:

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