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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants

Baseball took the final tentative steps to effect real change in their game this week as the home plate collision rule finally received the endorsement of the players union. The rule set off discussion all around the league, as players weighed in on the new legislation. (Read about the full rule and implementation here.)

For better or worse, Buster Posey is the face of this rule change. Though it is an association Posey explicitly did not want, in the minds of many fans and players, it is the injury suffered to one of the game’s finest player that motivated the removal of home plate crashes from the game.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres

The San Francisco Giants are, as constructed, a decent team. Probably not as good as the Dodgers, probably a little better than the Diamondbacks (but with a lower floor on their win total.) They didn’t add much this off-season, save the addition of veteran starter Tim Hudson and slugger Michael Morse, but the talent they have is pretty good.

The Giants have areas of concern (left field), areas of adequacy (SS, 2B, CF), and areas of quality (RF, 1B, 3B). To their credit, they do not look anything like a “stars and scrubs” program until a single player gets hurt, at which point they’re cooked.

There is one position the Giants have a serious advantage. At one position, the Giants are the class of the league. Not because of any platoon but because of one man. The Giants have Buster Posey and he’s really great.

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These two tweets are from a series on missives from the Fox Sports reporter and columnist Jon Morosi. Morosi pontificated on the topic of one Brett Lawrie, the fully #dimed third baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays. Lawrie was placed on the disabled list today with an ankle injury suffered sliding into second base on a steal attempt against the Atlanta Braves on Monday night.

The injury itself seemed quite freakish, though Brett Lawrie’s injury history suggests there are freak injuries and then there are player that suffer injuries at a freakish rate. Is it because of his style of play or something else? Fear not, Doctor Jon Morosi is on the case.

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San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

Whether we like our players to stroke dongs or jack taters, we all know our fantasy-based desire for the stat borders on the lecherous. The problem with the home run is that it’s such an I/O situation: it’s either a home run or it’s not. And using stats like isolated slugging percentage to try and suss out changes in a player’s power profile can be confounded by the fact that any ball that lands in the park is then subject to the interaction between the fielder’s grace and the batter’s speed. Doubles don’t always turn into home runs. Sometimes doubles are actually stretched-out-singles or boffed grounders in the outfield.

Are there peripheral stats for batters that can help us predict power surges? Or at least some numbers that can help predict which power surges will stick?

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Ken Rosenthal is the best baseball reporter working today. He is diligent and respected and gets it right more often than not. He does a thankless job well when he takes his turn as the sideline reporter for Fox and seems affable and self-aware on twitter.

He is also very good at spending other people’s money it seems. Within the last 48 hours, Kenny Rosenthal has committed a quarter billion dollars to Felix Hernandez and Buster Posey in the hypothetical world.

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If the Baltimore Orioles end up being the most memorable story from the 2012 season, their foil is likely deserving of some recognition as well. Throughout the regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals acted as the yin to the yang of Baltimore. Where the Orioles outperformed their peripherals to put up a winning record, the Cardinals’ run differential suggested that they were a far better team than their win/loss record suggested.

It’s a compliment to the depth and smarts of the organization that after losing the best player in baseball to free agency in the off season and watching their notorious manager retire after a World Series victory, St. Louis was able to construct a roster capable of bringing the franchise to its current three games to one lead over the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Series, and a single win away from a berth in the World Series.

While the rebuilt Cardinals line up certainly deserves a healthy dose of credit for the team’s success, the biggest reason that the team finds itself on the brink of a return to the World Series is its containment of the Giants line up, and most notably that line up’s best hitter.

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Wow, what a season. And with such a big comeback at the end.

I am referring, of course, to our final look at the Getting Blanked Catcher Defense Ratings for 2012. Was there something else that happened?

When we last examined the rankings, a new leader had emerged. Will his work over the last month of the season hold the tide against the waves of challengers trying to unseat him and claim the title of Getting Blanked’s best defensive catcher? An answer to this, some other random comments, and, crude ratings of the defensive value of every catcher who saw time behind the plate in 2012, all after the jump …

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