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Wherein the Getting Blanked crew talk about Buster Posey’s recent run of awesomeness, Stephen Strasburg’s reported innings cap, the impending fall of the Pirates, and Manny Machado’s hot start. Punishment is handed down for our most recent instalment of Proposition Hate, and we play Switch Hitter with three great pitching matchups in this week’s Washington/San Franciso series.

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In the early part of the 2011 season, Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays was dominant. While he couldn’t sustain this level of play as Barry Bonds did consistently throughout the early part of the 21st Century, Bautista’s .532 OBP, .780 SLG, 1.312 OPS, .415 ISO, .549 wOB and 255 wRC+ was as remarkable of a performance through 30 days as anyone had seen since.

More than merely in the numbers, there seemed to exist a palpable fear among opposing pitchers that hearkened back to Bonds and manifested itself in visible caution when dealing with Bautista. I’ve seen similar approaches a couple of times since, recently with Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, while pitchers seemed hesitant to challenge McCutchen, it wasn’t at the same nervous fear-driven level that it seemed to be for Bautista.

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