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Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies

Hitting in Colorado is no good for a player’s perception. Some fans feel Colorado is such a hitter’s paradise that any big leaguer worth his salt must put up huge, crooked numbers there. Doesn’t matter the talent of the player, the thin air does all the work.

As such, players like Matt Holliday are unfairly maligned as home park mirages…right up until the moment that they move into more hitter-neutral environments and resume putting up the same numbers as they did in the Mile High City.

Carlos Gonzalez was once traded for Matt Holliday, and now occupies the same space in the minds of many fans – CarGo is good but he’s only “Coors Field good”. Take him away and the strikeouts would climb as the other offensive numbers suffers, seems to be the knock. It isn’t fair to penalize Gonzalez for his home park, though it absolutely influences his performance at the plate.

More than just thin air is working in the Rockies outfielder’s favor in 2013 – he’s off to the best start of his career, leading the National League in home runs with 21 while walking at a career high rate. Getting Blanked spoke with Gonzalez about learning from the best, getting better with age and managing mom’s expectations.

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