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An umpire gets drilled with a backswing, a 55-foot fastball, a behind the back catch, and ninjas… it’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week. We lead this instalment with a second-run of Curtis Granderson eating a Freezee because Curtis Granderson eating a Freezee is one of the greatest things we’ve ever witnessed. A couple of these GIFs are rather large, so apologies in advance for the destruction your browser will meet today.

Here’s the rest of the GIFs that have kept us entertained over the past seven days.

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Baseball fans became a strange and not coincidental mix of excited, nervous and ready-to-reprimand yesterday when news broke that CLIFF LEE HAD BEEN PUT ON WAIVERS, which is most likely better expressed as … cliff lee had been put on waivers.

For those whose fanship in baseball has recently increased to a level to which a team’s front office transactions is important, it’s likely worth mentioning that almost everyone gets put on waivers at some point after the non-waiver trade deadline. “Non-waiver” isn’t the corporate sponsor of the league’s trade deadline. It means that a player doesn’t have to pass through waivers to be traded. However, since 4:00 PM ET, on July 31st, any player on a 40 man roster would have to pass through waivers for a team to be able to trade him to any other team they’d like.

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The first Getting Blanked Show in this new, post-deadline world! Without any trades to talk about, how will we fill our time? By talking about pitchers, of course! Allan James Burnett, Cliff Lee, Worst Strasmas ever and Matt Harvey/Tim Lincecum discussions precede some stat learnin’ about WPA.

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Insanely talented with an impish grin is no way to go through life, son. Oh wait, it actually sounds like a terrific way to go through life. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Stealing bases off a clearly distracted pitcher while pitching seven shutout innings of your own, helping your threadbare roster put up a much-needed W? Just keep doing you, Cliff. link to full video of Cliff Lee’s deft theft.

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On this, the anniversary of America’s birth, the Gods of Fate and Justice and the American Way bestowed upon one of the great sons of their soil the gift of run support.

The gift of home runs and outward displays of Metsitude, guiding the benevolent hands of Chase Utley and the one they call Chooch to clout notable home runs, compelling these warriors to commit acts of greatness in the name of Clifton Phifer Lee.

Uncle Sam waved his stars and bars and ensured that, on the greatest and most American day of the year, Cliff Lee would get a win.

8.0 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts. ONE WIN.

Congrats, Cliff. Today, you are America.

Pitcher wins might be as relevent as a fax machine in 2012 but, like sending copies of one’s genitals to unknown numbers, that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had. Cliff Lee is off to a terrific start to the season, pitching about as well as anyone in the National League.

Unfortunately for Cliff, he plays for the Phillies. The ageing Phils find scoring runs a real challenge, especially when he is on the hill. The Phillies have given Cliff Lee just sixteen runs of support in his nine starts. Total. One of the lowest numbers in baseball.

As such, Cliff Lee is winless on the year, despite already posting close to 2 Wins Above Replacement by both Fangraphs and Baseball Reference. By ERA, FIP, and xFIP, Lee ranks as one of the best pitchers in the National League but his record doesn’t show it. He’s one of the only pitchers to go winless through nine starts with an ERA under 3.00.

Could Cliff Lee and the Phillies keep this up? Could he actually post more Wins Above Replacement than pitcher wins?

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