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St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Seven

The San Francisco Giants quest for back-to-back National West Division crowns will be no easy task this year with the Dodgers fielding a lineup with five potential All-Stars and a re-vamped D’Backs lineup that will look to continue their offensive success of last season without outfielder Justin Upton. The Rockies don’t have the pitching, but may still be able to win some ball games with a lineup featuring a healthy Troy Tulowitzki, while the Padres may be in for a long season, especially if they deal Chase Headley.

Over the next week, we will take a look at how each team’s lineups looked to start the season in 2012 compared to the projected look for 2013 (all ZiPS projections courtesy of Fangraphs.)

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Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

2012 Record: 64-98, 5th NL West
2012 Pythagorean Record: 69-93
Impact Player: SS Troy Tulowitzki
Impact Pitcher: LHP Jorge De La Rosa
Top Prospect: 3B Nolan Arenado

Significant Acquisitions: RHP Wilton Lopez, UT Reid Brignac, 3B Ryan Wheeler, LHP Daniel Rosenbaum, RHP Manny Corpas, RHP Chris Volstad

Significant Departures: 1B/PH Jason Giambi, RHP Alex White, RHP Josh Roenicke, LHP Matt Reynolds

The tenure of former Rockies manager Jim Tracy, who took over part way through 2009 and managed the maligned club through the end of last season, the Rockies win total fell steadily every year. From 92 wins to 83 to 73 all the way down to 64 last season — the fewest in franchise history. Entering their 20th year of existence, the Rockies are yet to figure out exactly how to build a suitable pitching staff for the high altitude of Coors Field. Last year, amidst their worst season ever, they went a little bonkers trying.

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Colorado Rockies v Atlanta Braves

Oh, Todd Helton, no. The Rockies elder statesman was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Thornton, Colorado according to a release issued by the club themselves. Thornton is a suburb just north of Denver, near Helton’s offseason home in Brighton.

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Wilton Lopez is the monster from a B-grade horror monster. Just when you think he’s dead and the team of chaste heroes found his one weakness (wonky elbow), he bursts out of the abandoned hospital to pitch high leverage innings once again! After a trade between Lopez’s Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies was nixed at the eleventh hour, it now looks like Lopez is on his way to Colorado in exchange for young pitcher Alex White and a “minor league pitcher” of undetermined name and quality.

Everything that was true about Wilton Lopez two weeks ago remains true today. He throws hard and is a fine reliever, posting strong rate stats and periphials over the last two seasons. He will help the Rockies do…whatever it is the Rockies are doing out there. Alex White is an interesting piece of this trade, just as he was an interesting piece of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade two years ago. In the time since White came to Colorado, he faced charges for an EXTREME DUI and pitched quite poorly in 27 starts across two seasons.

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As discussed at the end of last week, the Colorado Rockies new manager is Walt Weiss. The belief held that, based on his youth and inexperience, the Rockies planned to bring Weiss along with their youthful roster – the two could grow together.

Until a key detail surfaced: Walt Weiss signed just a one-year contract to manage the Rockies, a team which lost 98 games in 2012. Is this an example of a manager being doomed to fail, a meddlesome organization unable to get out of its own way or something else all together?

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After an exhaustive search that stretched as far as “the old guy still on their active roster” and “that lunatic who dressed in fatigues at Expos Spring Training that one year”, the Colorado Rockies announced their new manager will be long-time Rockies player and former part-time Rockies instructor, Walt Weiss.

Walt Weiss, who played fourteen seasons in the big leagues and, until very recently, coached baseball at a local high school, becomes the sixth manager in Rockies history. Weiss surely impressed the Colorado brass with his ability to not be Jim Tracy in any way, shape, or form.

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Alright! It’s the Getting Blanked podcast. While playoff fever is in the air, infecting the good people of the Beltway en masse, the fans of countless other teams attempt to pick up the pieces after lost seasons. Which is our topic today: lost seasons. Is any season that doesn’t end with Meaningful Baseball in September considered lost? Really looking forward to an existential weekend, you guys.

You can also download the mp3 directly right here.

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