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Today in Stunning Revelations

Hold onto your hats, everyone. Dan Haren’s agent has some breaking news about Dan Haren. Gather round!

From Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal:

“He’s healthy,” said Greg Landry, Haren’s agent, at the general managers’ meetings on Wednesday. “He’s totally healthy. I’m not exactly sure about the questioning. He finished the season relatively strong. I’ve read all the stuff. But we have a lot of interest.”

Hold the phone! An agent insists his client his healthy in the run-up to a professional baseball team potentially spends millions of dollars for his baseball playing services! Glad that’s settled, then.

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Welp. No deal, says a lot of folks. Looks as though this deal fell through at the eleventh hour. Which is weird. It could be any number of a million reasons (dollar figures to square the deal, concerns with medical records, a sudden awareness of who and what Carlos Marmol is) but for now all we know is the deal is OFF.

The Angels have until midnight Eastern to make a final decision on Haren’s option. Wacky stuff on its way.

Update: the Angels decline Haren’s $15.5 million dollar option, buying him out for $3.5 mil. The man with more than 37 fWAR since 2005 is officially a free agent.

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When the season began, it seemed a “far gone” conclusion that the Los Angeles Angels would pick up Dan Haren’s $15.5 million option rather than pay $3.5 million to opt out of his salary for the 2013 season. However, the right-handed starter has struggled throughout 2012, and probably has more to do with the Angels being two games out of a Wild Card playoff spot than he’s been given credit.

Yes, part of his problems are likely connected to his lower back troubles, and he’s been much improved as of late, but this trend must be a little bit concerning:

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