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Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers

Dan Uggla is a baseball player. He might be a quickly worsening baseball player, but he is a player none the less. The list of good things Dan Uggla is capable of accomplishing on the baseball field gets shorter with each passing day.

At this point, in 2013, “hit a home” and “draw a walk” are really the only positive baseball outcomes to comprise that list. He does those two things quite well and that is about it.

To date, Dan Uggla has done the former 13 times and the latter 36 times. Each of those ranks him second on his team, the high-scoring Braves who seem to take his personal “Three True Outcomes” approach of as their team-wide ethos.

The list of things Dan Uggla does poorly grows longer by the minute. “Make contact” and “play defense” are chief among them, as his .193/.322/.421 line and barely above replacement level value suggests. The first item partners with a swing which produces a lot of fly balls and puts Dan Uggla on the path to notoriety.

Despite hitting 13 home runs, Dan Uggla has just 17 extra base hits on the season. Total. 13 home runs, two doubles, two triples. Which is where history and, hopefully, destiny stroll onto the stage.

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Batter versus Pitcher matchup data is flawed at best. While sabr-types scoff at the minuscule sample sizes from which to draw conclusions, there can be an element of truth to numbers. Batters often swear they “see” certain pitchers better than others, though early success is sure to cloud that perception.

To say any one hitter “has success” against Stephen Strasburg is unfair. Only four hitters have as many as 10 plate appearances against the Nats phenom so there isn’t a great pool of hitters with multiple looks against him. Oddly, the player with the most career plate appearances against Strasburg is also the man with the greatest success against him: Dan Uggla.

Dan Uggla 20 8 2 0 2 8 3 6 .471 .550 .941 1.491
Total 118 32 7 0 3 15 10 34 .302 .356 .453 .809
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 12/5/2012.

Uggla is the only hitter to take the mighty Strasburg deep twice in his career. Unsurprisingly, Dan Uggla is known as a hitter who loves to crush fastballs. Stephen Strasburg throws a very, very good fastball. It makes for a great individual matchup, as you will see below the jump.

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