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The Boston Red Sox are expected to recall pitcher Daniel Bard from Triple-A after being demoted back on June 5th. The reliever turned starter turned reliever posted terrible numbers in his 31 appearances for Pawtucket, but the team has decided to give him another shot in the majors.

Bard, in his first season as a starting pitcher for the Red Sox, struggled over the first few months, posting a 5.24 ERA, 5.74 FIP and 5.76 xFIP in eleven appearances, ten of which were starts. His major problem was his control, issuing 37 walks in 55 innings.

In early June against the Toronto Blue Jays, Bard completely fell apart, walking six and  hitting two batters while allowing five runs. Shortly after that, the Red Sox demoted him and Bard eventually began working out of the bullpen once again. They were hoping he would regain some of the confidence he exhibited in his previous three seasons in Boston, where he served as a decent set-up man to closer Jonathan Papelpon. Unfortunately for Bard and the Red Sox, he instead posted a 7.03 ERA and 5.67 FIP in Triple-A with 29 walks over 32 innings. His 8.16 BB/9 were actually just slightly lower than his 9.00 K/9.