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Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox

By avoiding arbitration with a one-year, $14 million contract with the Tampa Bay Rays, David Price remains a very good pitcher getting very expensive for a team that doesn’t deal well with cost. The Rays operate on a tight budget and, with free agency looming after the 2015 season, David Price may soon become a luxury they cannot afford.

With a Cy Young in his back pocket, Price earned a $3 million raise on his third trip through arbitration, with one more to come for the Super Two pitcher. Another spin through the arb process should net David Price close to $20 million a year, which is far too rich for the Rays blood.

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david price pitch

The Seattle Mariners are desperate to make something happen. For years, free agents rebuffed their advances, leaving the Mariners stuck in development hell. They have their victories, and Felix Hernandez is a fine trophy on which to hang your hat. The Mariners take great pains to ensure Felix stays the King of the Pacific Northwest for essentially his entire career.

But you cannot build a winner with just an ace. You can build around an ace but even Felix Hernandez watches 80% of his team’s games from the bench. Despite their player development shortcomings in the pasts, the Mariners once again find themselves with a clutch of prospects attracting attention around the league.

Rather than wait for their latest cohort to graduate, it seems the Mariners want to accelerate their timeline. With change looming, the Mariners are bound and determined to remake their team overnight. Rumors of the Seattle’s pursuit of Robinson Cano continue on a slow boil, with the second baseman’s representatives (but not the man himself) meeting with the M’s front office for a meet-cute in the Emerald City.

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david price pitch

So. It all comes down to one game for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers. Well, it all comes down to one for the chance for it to come back down on one more game on Wednesday night. Regardless, the Rangers streaked into this position, winning their final seven games straight while the Rays backed in, winning on the season’s final day after losing two straight to the Toronto Blue Jays on the road.

Luckily for the Rays, they have their ace and best pitcher ready to fire tonight, sending David Price on full rest against the Texas Rangers in Arlington. These aren’t your father’s Texas Rangers, mind you. The old Rangers bashed and mashed their way to consecutive World Series appearances. The 2013 edition still scored plenty of runs, ranking in the top ten in both runs and homers, but the offense feels more organic than the old days of standing around, waiting for a homer.

The centerpiece of the Rangers offense remains Adrian Beltre, a potential Hall of Famer who posted a now-typical Adrian Beltre season in 2013 – he hit 30 home runs, played the living hell out of third base, engaged in shenanigans and possibly solved crimes with his shortstop, Elvis Andrus, and got really weird whenever somebody touched his head.

Beltre is the cleanup hitter for Texas and his is the bat most deserving of attention in the Rangers order. So how might David Price attempt to work around the free-swinging third baseman and get his Rays into the next stage of the playoffs?

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Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays

April is cold. We have rainouts and snowouts to prove it. Velocity and temperature are related. We have Mike Fast pointing to August as the velocity peak to prove it.

That said, April velocity loss is interesting to us. Velocity stabilizes very quickly, and the difference between April and August is on the order of a half mile per hour — some hurlers have lost more than that delta and aren’t getting it all back.

And now Bill Petti is adding two asterisks to April velocity loss that makes it even worse. Here they are:

Pitchers who are down at least 1 mph compared to April of the previous year will go on to finish the season down at least 1 mph about 38% of the time.

Pitchers that were down at least 1 mph in April had an arm injury rate of 11%. Compared to 4% for non-velocity decliners, that’s an increased likelihood of 2.6.

So, to recap: pitchers with April velocity loss are very likely to continue showing velocity that’s lower than they showed the year before, slightly likely to have the same or worse velocity loss all year, and slightly more likely to get injured. All of this sounds very relevant to fantasy owners.

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Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees

David Price won the hearts of beard enthusiasts and Yankee haters the world over yesterday when he said that his affection for facial hair would deter him from ever signing a long-term deal with the club. Realizing that he inadvertently ruffled the feathers of Yankees fans, Price clarified his comments today. Did I just type ‘clarified’? I meant completely backed off.

Via the New York Daily News:

“It probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t mean anything by it,” Price said. “I wasn’t looking to offend the Yankees. It’s probably the best organization in all of sports. Not just baseball, but all of sports.”

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Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

David Price sports more of a permanent stubble than a true beard. Still, the 27-year old reigning American League Cy Young winner is enough of a facial hair enthusiast that he’d spurn long-term commitment from a club like the New York Yankees in favor of whiskers.

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As readers of Getting Blanked well know, the World Baseball Classic is looked upon fondly in these parts. We want it to be a big deal and we want the best players to play. We don’t want to see anybody hurt during a meaningless exhibition but consider some of the pitch counts and limits overkill.

That said, it is difficult to begrudge players who don’t play. The even remains in its infancy – in time and with the proper support, we hope the best band brightest baseball stars will see the WBC as an opportunity to represent their country and play on a big stage, too.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports goes one better. Morosi took to twitter this afternoon to decry many American stars who won’t be suiting up for Team USA this spring.

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