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Bless your precious heart, David Price. For I know it is in the right place. It is clear you mean well with this sincere tweet sent early on a Thursday morning.

You see, David, the problem is when you play for the Tampa Bay Rays, it is hard to take you seriously. At all. Thin-skinned as most Jays fans are, you cannot blame them for taking this as a slight. A slight from member of the Tampa Bay Rays. Really though, David. The Rays. THE RAYS. You should know better.

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In his Friday morning column, ESPN’s Buster Olney brings up an interesting idea that, unlike the American League MVP debate and the Melky Cabrera batting title doomsday scenario, hasn’t already been discussed to the point of dead horses being beaten: the Tampa Bay Rays trading David Price.

Mr. Olney suggests the following:

The trade value of David Price will never be higher than it will be this winter, and given the Rays’ need to constantly manage payroll, there will financial incentive for Tampa Bay to flip Price for prospects now. Unlike Evan Longoria, James Shields and Matt Moore, Price did not sign a long-term team-friendly deal, and he is about to become a very expensive player.

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