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Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers had one of the best rotations in baseball last season. Probably the best, if we’re being honest. Keeping such a juggernaut together takes money, however. Lots of money.

Justin Verlander makes a mint, Max Scherzer is due a mint, Anibal Sanchez just signed for 5/6 of a mint, Rick Porcello is a Super Two which puts him on the fast track to mintdom. Which leaves Doug Fister, who just happens to be an excellent pitcher.

Having excellent pitchers is great for baseball business but having all those expensive arms in the fold was bound to catch up at some point. Rather than moving Porcello, it is Fister the Tigers opted to swap, sending him to Washington to join the the new Best Rotation in Baseball.

The package in exchange for the ground ball machine/very good pitcher Doug Fister seems light, mostly because we don’t know as much as about Robbie Ray as we should. This is the second time Doug Fister’s been traded for an oddly underwhelming package.

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It would be very easy to kill Dexter Fowler for taking a terrible route on this David Ross line drive. It is rare to see a professional outfielder take what amounts to a wrong turn in the field. Fowler expects this ball to zig but, lo, it zags.

The advanced metrics are not enamoured with Fowler’s work in center but this represents an extreme case, namely a twisting liner from which no man is spared. The ball hooked when Fowler anticipated a slice, as is normally the wont of liners to center field.

Line drives stung directly at a fielder are the toughest for most outfielders, let’s charitably count Fowler among their ranks and move on. The sooner this play is in his rearview mirror, the better.