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New York Yankees CC  Sabathia reacts after Tampa Bay Rays Wil  Myershit grand slam home run in MLB game in New York

Home runs are visceral. Home run to bring ‘em out of the seats. Home runs spark a reaction.

Batters experience the happy side of home runs – the glory and the accomplishment. The current style (going on 20 years or so) for home run celebration is the bat flip. Toss your bat aside with maximum flair or “pimp” your home run. Opposing team doesn’t like it? Get me out.

Here Wil Myers displays some bat flip technique belying his youth and inexperience. This is an elite bat flip.

The other side of the coin is the defense. The pitcher and catcher, scheming together to concoct a plan of attack, only to see the batter go deep. The anguish of a mistake or a bad pitch call.

In the GIF above, we see two pretty typical reaction from both parts of the battery. Both turn to watch the flight of the ball, hoping for the best. As confident as Myers in this shot, the battery holds out hope that the ballpark might keep it. (Video)

Sometimes, after a ball leaves the bat, the outcome is not in doubt. It is here we see the greatest variety in reaction – not unlike the grieving process. The type of reaction often relates directly to the potential distance a home run will travel and/or the significance of the moment.

Scouring the archives, researchers for theScore discovered six stages of home run acceptance. Here are the six stages of home run acceptance.

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Minnesota Twins v Atlanta Braves

Evan Gattis is more than just a baseball player. Right now, he is a terrific story of redemption and perseverance masquerading as a baseball player, an enormous man nicknamed El Oso Blanco – the White Bear – during a winter league stint in Venezuela.

The hulking frame, the cool nickname, everything down to the lack of batting gloves and wristbands, Evan Gattis is a hacky screenwriters dream, even more-so now that he is playing baseball at an uncommonly high level.

If Evan Gattis continues playing baseball as he’s played for the first two plus months of his big league career, he’ll no longer be a story first and a baseball player second. But for now, he is the subject of feature-length profiles everywhere he goes. His rich backstory is prime for the profiling (here are two such profiles, by Erika Gilbert of the National Post and Emma Span for Sports On Earth) but his numbers are beginning to eclipse the story of the troubled/wandering soul who made his way back to baseball after years away from the game.

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Earlier this spring, Getting Blanked presented the story of Evan Gattis, the Braves prospect with a checkered past and big-time pop in his bat. The White Bear slugged baseballs as “mature” minor leaguer and then slugged enough this spring to earn a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Evan Gattis made his big league debut this week and, because he is Evan Gattis, he hit a home run.

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the white bear

Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, there is no spring tradition quite like the veteran supernova. At each and every Spring Training facility across baseball lurks the great story of a career minor leaguer, waiting for his chance to fulfil a dream by reaching the big leagues.

While camps are lousy with players like this, it is the rare breed who catches fire for a few weeks and attracts all manner of spring attention. Spring Training is essentially a information-less vacuum by the second week of March. Beat writers are like nature, they abhor a vacuum. Into this void goes the upbeat story of the plucky underdog for whom everything goes right one spring.

For the Braves — more specifically, Atlanta Journal-Constitution beat writer Dave O’Brien — their great spring hope is Evan Gattis.

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