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cliff lee fourth of july

I’ll be up front. This one won’t wrap up in a tidy bow.

Sometimes, we only glimpse the future, and we can’t quite understand it completely. At least, that’s what I think might have happened to me when I read Steve Staude’s extremely nerdy extremely/great piece on forecasting strikeout rates for different pitcher/batter matchups. Seriously, the piece asks a simple question, but the method and the answer has implications all over baseball.

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Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox

For many baseball fans, the fantasy season is just as enthralling, if not more so, than the real one. Those people lead a sad existence. I am one of those people. Like spring training for Major League teams, the tail end of winter for prospective fantasy owners is spent making various roster decisions. Many questions must be asked and answered so that we can make informed decisions on draft day.

The burning questions have been floated. Is Kris Medlen an elite fantasy starter? Can Mike Trout duplicate his historic 2012 performance? Should I use my late first round pick on Stephen Strasburg or Justin Verlander? These are all great questions that should be under consideration as you plot your strategy. Still, they’re mostly focused on top-tier talent.

For the purposes of this post, we’re asking the questions that everyone else is afraid to. Giancarlo Stanton, Craig Kimbrel, and Mike Trout will certainly help propel you into the top three of your league, but a careful examination of the following set of questions will surely help you win it all.

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