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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves

Nothing like using a paradox to frame an article, eh? There is no fixing the Phillies, right? They’re an aging team run by a defiant throwback to a simpler time. The Phillies famously eschewed advanced statistical analysis until very recently, but that isn’t the reason they’re doomed as we find them today.

Well, let’s hold on a second here. The Phillies aren’t doomed as much as they’re…up against it. The Phillies have a ton of payroll tied up in some rapidly aging players. Their farm system ranks among the worst in baseball, a by-product of a “win-now” mentality that brought them incredible success for the better part of a decade.

The Phillies, for all their faults, are not too far gone as to advocate a complete and total sell-off. The best reason to look for other ways to help the Phillies, aside from the fire sale option, is because the Phillies are not going to give up now. They will not. They probably should but they almost certainly won’t.

Two different buzzwords from two different industries come to mind when I think about the Phillies and their past, present, and future. The first is “sunk cost” and the second is “pot committed.”

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