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I don’t think we’ll ever learn. Home runs crushed down the line always look like they flew farther than they really did, because they clear the shortest fence in the yard by so long. Clutch home runs especially look like they flew farther than they really did, because that’s what clutch does to our brains.. That’s probably why the ball Garrett Jones cracked into the Allegheny River on Sunday looked like it flew about 575 feet.

Jones’s bomb gave Pittsburgh a tie against division rival Cincinnati in the bottom of the eighth inning. He just barely hooked it around the foul pole — in fact, by the time it landed it may have been on the foul side of the pipe.

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For a while now, it’s seemed like the beginning of the end for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ run toward the post season. In their last 20 games, the Bucs are 7-13. Entering play on Thursday, they are 8.5 games out in the National League Central. But other teams have faltered, too, so the Pirates find themselves just a half game behind the Cardinals for the second wild card spot. Still, the Pirates need to stop the bleeding, and soon.

In last week’s Impact Index, we looked at Wil Nieves of the Diamondbacks and Chase Headley of the Padres who, in two different games, killed the Pirates with huge, late-inning hits. Today’s Impact Index highlights a member of the Pirates who is single-handedly keeping the Pirates afloat down the stretch.

No, not Andrew McCutchen.

Garrett Jones.

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