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Curt Schilling Says Things

As someone who can compartmentalize most aspects of his existence rather effortlessly, one area where I’ve found myself incapable of doing so is with professional athletes and their social views/affiliations. An excellent personal example of this can be tied to Curt Schilling. I vividly recall watching Schilling dominate his way through three starts in the 2001 World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the subsequent man-crush I developed as a result. Same goes for Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS when Schilling took the mound after dousing his sock with red food colouring. I was enamoured.

My love affair with Schilling ended abruptly when I became aware of the former pitcher’s personal politics. His right-wing stances just didn’t jive with my borderline anarchist aesthetic. I’ve since matured a little bit, not much but a little, and I can view Schilling the baseball player somewhat separately from Schilling the conservative failed entrepreneur.

Schilling joined the Dennis and Callahan Show on WEEI Boston to discuss Wednesday’s Hall of Fame nonsense. Predictably, Schilling had some opinions on things. In his first year on the ballot, Schilling garnered 38 percent of the votes required for admission. This is somewhat ironic considering Schilling wore the number 38 as a player (at least on the teams he would like us to remember). 38 Studios was the name of the video game publishing company he started, too. $38 is the amount of money that Schilling currently has to his name.

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Astros Set to Hire Roger Clemens

The Houston Astros have made some interesting moves since we last saw them in action. For starters, the club hired a swell internet prospect dude in Kevin Goldstein as their pro scouting director. The Astros’ television broadcasts will now feature former Blue Jays radio voice, Alan Ashby, delivering play-by-play, too. I’m pretty sure the Astros have gone as far as adding some baseball players as well, I just can’t recall who they are. According to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle, the Astros are close to bringing another intriguing figure into the mix. The club is expected to give Roger Clemens an “active role” in the organization.

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Yu Darvish is set to be honoured with the construction of a museum in his native country of Japan. Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News reports that planning is underway for a Darvish museum in the Hyogo prefecture, located in the southern part of the country. A Getting Blanked source described Hyogo as “the boonies”, so the Darvish museum may make for quite the attraction there. Darvish has just one MLB season to his credit, albeit an impressive one, but pitched marvelously for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters over seven seasons.

So, we ask, what will be featured in a Yu Darvish museum? Well, probably a fair bit of memorabilia from his Japanese professional career. Likely some relics from the 2009 World Baseball Classic, too. I would wager that there will be an evolving section dedicated to his stateside career as well. Below are five items for a Yu Darvish museum that I just couldn’t live without.

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Bobby Valentine Finds a Home

To say that Bobby Valentine’s tenure as manager of the Boston Red Sox was entertaining would be a fairly accurate statement. Of course, if you were a Red Sox fan then something along the lines of “cataclysm” would probably be more accurate. Bobby Valentine likes to say a lot of things. Bobby Valentine has a propensity to ruffle feathers when he gets to saying things. One might say that Bobby Valentine is better suited for the airwaves of sports talk radio as opposed to making day-to-day decisions for a Major League Baseball team.

Well, would you look at that, Bobby Valentine has found himself employment in sports talk radio. Richard Deitsch has the details on Valentine’s return to sports media as a radio host for NBC Sports. Bobby V will co-host a baseball show beginning in April.

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Lonely Man Kyle Lohse Waits

Kyle Lohse set career bests in innings pitched, wins, strikeouts, ERA, FIP, xFIP, and WHIP in 2012. The man wants to get paid. The only offer Kyle Lohse has received so far this winter was the $13.3 million qualifying offer from the St. Louis Cardinals that he and his agent, Scott Boras, rejected. Like the navy Cardinals cap, Kyle Lohse may no longer have a future in St. Louis, thanks in large part to the qualifying offer that his most recent employer floated his way. By ensuring themselves that they would receive a compensatory draft choice from any team that elects to sign Kyle Lohse, the Cardinals hold all the leverage in any potential reunion with the right handed pitcher. So Kyle Lohse waits.

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It has almost become an offseason ritual. Semi-retired/oft-injured/tired old guy/PED shamed hurler mulls a comeback, will throw for prospective teams. Occasionally, we’re treated to such nostalgia driven spectacles mid-season, like the minor league reemergence of Rogers Clemens and Ben Sheets crawling out of his grave in 2012. Hey, they made for great stories, regardless of how prosperous the results were. Enter Javier Vazquez and usual suspect Brandon Webb as the front runners in this winter’s back-from-the-dead pitcher campaign.

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Any poor souls caught working this lamest week of the year are to be pitied. Pitied and supported to the best of our collective abilities. While some spend the dwindling hours of 2012 lamenting our collective greed and wondering if all the new Christmas clothes still fit over our engorged bodies, others must return to whatever task keeps their lights on.

If you are the type of person who normally fritters away your work day on the internet memeing and comedy pyramiding, your need for fresh content cannot go unsated. Our interests are not dissimilar. In honor of those currently mailing in two days in December I offer a year-end baseball listicle which just might keep your attention for three or four minutes. Please to enjoy…

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